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Concrete Cleaners for Efflorescence, Paint, Oil, and Grime

Customers’ Feedback and Tips

Problem: Efflorescence, Green Mold in Basement Products Used: RadonSeal Efflorescence Cleaner

"Hello, I had an efflorescence problem in my basement due to some prior leakage in my basement. I had been researching the internet for a solution to a radon problem we are having in our neighborhood. I found another product that was paint like but the cost was over $3000.00 to cover my basement.That was to much money. As I kept looking I came across your site. Your product Radon Seal was a spray on material and after watching the video on how to apply it I was sold. Not to mention for a lot less money also.

Before I start with the seal I have to take care of "That White Stuff". Back to your site. Low and behold you have a product for that too. Best of all, you spry it on and let it dry and you’re ready to seal. I order 2 1/2 Gals. When it arrived I actually read the directions, hard to admit for a guy. While reading I find out that it also removes mold. I wasn’t sure what that green stuff on my walls were, but I had a good idea it might be mold. After spraying the white spots, having some left I thought I’d spray a section of the wall that had the most green on it. I have to tell you I was amazed that appx an hour later when I went back downstairs the wall I sprayed was completely clean and looked like brand new.

I started spraying another part of the basement walls and decided to only spray just 1/2 of the green stuff and see what would happen. Again,about an hour later, BINGO, the part that I sprayed looked like brand new. I have to tell you, your product Radon Seal Efflorescence Cleaner is EVERYTHING you said it was. In this day and age many times we are led to believe that this product or that product is the best in the world, only to find out after buying it, that’s not really the truth. Well, you guys and girls sure did tell the truth here. I actually had to buy another 2 1/2 gals to finish the rest of my basement.

Thank-You,Thank-You,Thank-You first ,for the great product you have ,and being the kind of company that tells the truth about their product. After I finish with the efflorescence cleaner I’ll be using the Radon Seal to seal the walls and floors. I’m actually looking forward to doing that job. I’ll send another letter after I have finished with that to let you know how that goes." – Frank T., IL

Problem: Efflorescence, Lime Products Used: Efflorescence Cleaner, RadonSeal Plus Sealer

"After removing the original wood paneling (36 years old) from my basement walls, I found lots of thick efflorescence and lime build up over the years. After scrapping the the loose efflorescence, I sprayed the walls with the Efflorescence Cleaner and then applied coats of  Radonseal Plus. The drywall contractor was very impressed with the before and after results. The basement walls feel and look dry." – Gregory R., CT

Problem: Slippery Concrete Carport/Patio Products Used: PowerEtch Concrete Etcher

"The Power Etch product exceeded my expectations. No more slippery concrete under foot. I would however, recommend using a paint roller to apply instead of a hand held garden sprayer. I used a cheap sprayer which did not atomize in a consistent pattern. It sprayed great, but some droplets were larger than others causing an inconsistent etching effect, even after working the product in with a stiff push broom, because the etching takes effect on contact. I am well pleased with the overall effect on my carport, and would recommend this product to anyone with a slippery concrete carport/patio." – Charles, Trustpilot review

Problem: Dirty, Grimey Floor, Floor Paint Products Used: Universal Concrete Cleaner

“Your Universal Concrete Cleaner is amazing! It has quickly cleaned my old and dirty basement floor including my grimy shop area. Although I used a 5:1 dilution, it has even removed floor paint which I planned to strip later on. And best of all, it is not toxic!” – Glenn H., MA

Problem: Old Brick Floor, Dirty Pavers and Mortar Products Used: Universal Concrete Cleaner

“Just finished scrubbing my large, family room brick floor with your Universal Concrete Cleaner. I usually do this once or twice a year. The bricks are unsealed, cinnamon pavers. The floor is 32 years old. I tried a lot of different products for cleaning bricks. Yours is the best by far. The floor looks like it is brand new again. Both bricks and mortar are absolutely clean. There were no deposits left on top of the bricks as had happened with other products I’ve tried. Thanks very much for an excellent product.” – Don G., PA

Problem: Radon, Selling House Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We sold our house and before the closing bought a new one. Then came the bad news that our old house tested for radon at 5.6! … we found RadonSeal. I sprayed it on right away and asked the inspector to test again. To his surprise, the radon level was now only 1.8! It cost us only $360 and the sale closed at the original price." – Ray P., IA

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Excellent product. Sealed my basement walls and floor with RadonSeal Plus. Radon level before – 6.9 / radon level 27 days after application – 3.7. More work to do, but couldn’t be happier. thanks." – Don, Trustpilot review

Problem: Radon, Carpeting Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We applied 5 gallon of RadonSeal to a 26×32 basement floor prior to carpeting. The reading was twice the recommended safety level (8.2 pCi/L) prior to applying the seal. We applied the seal, installed an electronic permanent tester and the radon reading is now 0.2! We are happy with the results. Your office was very helpful. Thank you." – Paul S., VA

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"One year ago, we bought a ten year old house with an unfinished basement. We also bought a radon detector and checked the radon level in the house before closing. The radon level was at 3, an "acceptable" level. This summer, while organizing the basement, I ran across the radon detector again. I plugged it in and the alarm kept going off because the radon level had risen to 4. We immediately began researching radon mitigation methods on the internet and came across RadonSeal’s website. Their product sounded intriguing, so after several more hours of research, we purchased it. Like the company said, it was really easy to apply (once we figured out how to open the bucket). Seriously, the hardest part of the whole process was picking up all of the kids toys so we had a bare floor to spray the sealer on. We applied it a month ago and our radon level is already down to 1, even though we couldn’t do the entire basement because one end of it is currently being used for storage, and there’s a big pile of lumber on the other end. We are planning to finish applying the RadonSeal when we have access to all of the walls." – Brooke S., MI

Problem: Radon, Credit for Mitigation Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We found a nice house, but before closing the home inspector measured radon at 9.5 pCi. We negotiated a $1,000 credit for radon mitigation. Then, we discovered RadonSeal … It was quick and easy. We have reduced radon from 9.5 down to 1.6 pCi! The 2 pails of RadonSeal cost us $400 and we have earned $600 for a couple of hours of work!" – Joe M., PA

Problem: High Radon Level Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My father-in-law suggested that I should share my success with your product. My results were very similar to his. I covered the walls and floors of my basement with RadonSeal in two coats. We have gone from radon measurements around 18 pCi to a consistent long and short term reading of 2. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I feel that I got an excellent value compared with other options I have heard about from friends and neighbors." – Jonathan P., IL

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I recently moved to my current address and the radon tests showed a 3.5 reading. I did some research and found RadonSeal. I have to say I was very skeptical of the effectiveness of RadonSeal. Since I dislike the idea of installing a fan-based mitigation system, I decided to give a RadonSeal a try given it has a money back policy. To my surprise, the two tests after applying RadonSeal came back both well below 2.0. I am very pleased to say the least! I highly recommend RadonSeal because it works!" – Ray P., MA

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Sealing 24 year old basement:
Radon Seal is easy to use and it reduced our basement radon reading from 16 to 4. It also makes a nice finish on the concrete floor." – Bruce, Trustpilot review

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I recently purchased your RadonSeal for my basement floors and walls. My radon has dropped from 8.4 to 3.1. I Just wanted to say "good product"! I am  a carpenter I will surely tell my friends how well it worked. THANKS." – L.H., NY

Problem: Radon, Water Vapor Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Twelve years ago I sprayed Radon Seal on my basement walls and floor (new construction). After sealing the floor down I taped clear plastic to the floor in numerous places, and left it there for many months. Not a single drop of water vapor ever accumulated on the plastic, a testament to the effectiveness of your product. I have a radon tester running 24 hrs a day, so I can keep tabs on the levels in the basement office. By using Radon Seal, radon levels went from over 12 pCi/L when we bought the house, down to an average of 1.4 in summer and 1.8 pCi/L in the winter. For the Colorado Rocky Mountain areas, that is excellent!" – Christen R., CO

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I wanted my husband to finish the basement but insisted on testing for radon first, because our son would sleep there. The test came out at 4.3 … I sprayed it on and my husband caulked one Saturday morning. We have just received our radon results yesterday. The radon has dropped to 1.4 and we have saved $800!" – Jaime V., CT

Problem: Radon, Basement Waterproofing Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I purchased 2 five gallon pails of RadonSeal and applied them to my basement floor and walls. Prior to the application, the radon level was 7.1 (pCi/L). The following week I tested again (in two separate locations) and the level was reduced to 1.6 (pCi/L) even when the instructions indicated that the RadonSeal reaches its full strength in 30 – 60 days! Not only was the product effective at reducing the radon level, it was also very easy to apply and much less expensive than other radon mitigation methods. Plus, I am in the process of finishing the basement and now have the added assurance that the basement has been waterproofed! Although initially I was skeptical, based on my experience, I would recommend RadonSeal as an effective means to radon mitigation and waterproofing. Thanks RadonSeal!" – Robert L. H., CT

Problem: Radon Products Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"After getting a radon reading during my home inspection of 3.8 with spikes up to 5.9, I bought an electronic radon detector and ordered 4 pails of radon seal for the walls and floor. My radon detector registered 4.8 pCi/L before the application. After 2-3 coats of RadonSeal the reading had dropped to 1.8 where it has consistently remained for the past month. Thanks RadonSeal!" – Wayne, Raleigh, NC

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