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LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer – Customer Gallery

Sandi H., AZ

Spectacular church floor stained with LastiSeal Rustic Brown Stain and sealed with two coats of acrylic from a home improvement center.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete pool deck and patio areas stained with LastiSeal Cordova Tan and Rich Earth Stains, sealed with two coats of acrylic.

Luxury resort pool deck

The bleached out pool deck at a luxury resort brought back to life with a blend of LastiSeal Canyon Brown and Chocolate Brown Stain & Sealer.

ZMK Construction, Escondido, CA

An inviting patio retreat enhanced with a patterned floor design of LastiSeal stains creates a cozy area.

Renovation Concrete, Jacksonville, FL

Several outdoor projects using LastiSeal Color Stain & Sealer for attractive patterned designs on driveways and patios.

Deco Surf, Chicago and Florida

Driveways, patios and walkways stained with LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer subjected to snows and frost in severe Chicago winters. Elaborate color designs on outdoor concrete.

Renovation Concrete, Jacksonville, FL

Concrete driveway stained and sealed with LastiSeal Stain enhanced with an elaborate color pattern.

Garage before & after – homeowner, Oro Valley, AZ

Garage floor stained and sealed with LastiSeal Rustic Brown Stain.

Garage floor – by homeowner, Bob B., MD

Garage floor stained and sealed with LastiSeal Stain Newport Blue.

Best Custom Garage Coatings, Tustin, CA

Kids play area sealed with two applications of LastiSeal Stain – rustic brown.

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, MD

A newly built convention center uses LastiSeal Stain & Sealer to preserve and beautify the entrance area, driveway, sidewalks and main atrium.

Recording studio – homeowner Craig C., TN

Recording studio uses LastiSeal Stain harvest gold and rustic brown sealed with a urethane coating.

Steve R., CA

LastiSeal Color Stain & Sealer beautifies a sidewalk and driveway.

Cooling towers, Turkey

Frank Zip, San Francisco, CA

Seal-It, Tuscon, AZ

Donna W., WA

Rob E., Galt, CA (company monument)

Phyllis H., SD (patio before and after)

Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, HI – All Pool & Spa

Surface Solutions, HI


Ovation Renovation, Chicago, IL

Leaves By Pam Z, Springfield, KY