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Staining Concrete with LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer

Customers’ Feedback and Tips

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Surface: Concrete Floors

“Here are some pictures of our floors sealed with LastiSeal Concrete Stain canyon brown. The pictures do not do justice to the way they really look. I am not very good with a camera. You can see we scored the floors differently, the smaller the room, the smaller the diamonds or squares. My wife used a spray bottle to apply the stain in several coats, thicker in the score lines, and then used a natural sponge to achieve the textured look. The floors are extremely easy to maintain and my wife uses one of those mop things with the throw away pads.
There are several other rooms that I didn’t take pictures of. The Woodland Olive in our bedroom turned out really well and we also used the rocky gray color in one of the bedrooms. Our only problem has been plug-in air fresheners spilled in a couple of places and stripped the color off. That is why I ordered today, to re-touch these areas. Otherwise it has been extremely durable.” – Morgan P., IN


Surface: Concrete Driveway

LastiSeal concrete driveway sealant and stain“When I first started to look into Concrete Driveway Sealant, I thought I would do the usual and head to one of the local home improvement stores near home. But, I investigated first on the internet to find out what they offered. Then I dug deeper and deeper into companies online, to where I finally got to the point, I didn’t know what kind to order. ‘Radon Seal’ was one of those websites I checked out. But, I still wasn’t sure. After I checked into all the sealants I could find, I found myself more and more, going back to Radon Seal site. I’m happy I did. First, I ordered the Sample Bottle of ‘LastiSeal’. I tried it out in Desert Sand. That shade looked very natural. So, I took a chance and ordered a 5 gal and 1 gal bottle to put down on our 975 square foot driveway. I even had the rest of the sample bottle to use with them. My next door neighbor happens to be a contractor, and I paid him to spray it down, since we were going out of town for a 50th Anniversary Mustang event for a few days. That way the driveway would be cured enough when we returned so I could park both cars in the garage. When we returned, he came out and greeted us, and thanked me for ordering the LastiSeal. Why? Like me, even though he is a contractor, he wasn’t sure himself what sealer to trust. He said it was the BEST he ever used, and also liked how the Desert Sand shade gave the driveway a naturally aged look. I ordered directly from Radon Seal instead of an outside Online Store, for the reason it was a tad less because Radon has free shipping, and ordering directly from them gave me more confidence. The pictures don’t do it justice. But, it amazes me how it has a balanced look, and the concrete still has that natural shade I was looking for, while blending in all the imperfections. Hope this helps others, looking to Shade and Seal their concrete driveway.!” – Robert K., GA


Surface: Concrete Floor, Porch

“I just ordered more of your LastiSeal color sealer to touch up our floors where we previously applied your product. Everyone who has seen our floors, bar none, cannot believe that they are concrete! I scored the floors with a diamond saw prior to applying the sealer. My wife used a sponge to texture the sealer and everyone thinks that the floors are natural stone. Actually, we decided to stain the floors due to running low on our budget but now my wife says that if she could have any flooring available, she would choose your sealer. I used a gallon of LastiSeal Stain outside on part of our porch. I also purchased a cheaper penetrating stain to finish it (3 coats v. 1 coat of yours). Now when it rains it is clear that your product is far superior by observing the water penetration. Gentlemen, I am sold on your product and it is the only one I can recommend!” – Morgan P., IN


Surface: Pool Deck, Stamped Concrete

stained pool deck“Our project is almost finished and it looks awesome!! Here are some pictures. The pool deck is stamped concrete. We started with the Cordova Tan as a base coat then “faux” sealed, using a rag, with Rich Earth to give it dimension. The pavers outlining the deck were also sealed with Rich Earth. Once this was completed, we added 2 coats of an acrylic base sealer from Home Depot. We found that the “faux” project worked best on a hot deck!!!! The patio is concrete stamped like wood planks so we used just the Rich Earth to color seal this area to give it a dark stained wood appearance, applied with a spray bottle and a broom.” – Sandi H., AZ


Surface: Covered Patio, Garage Floor

“I know, I’m not too quick on the response, but I am pleased with the result after having the LastiSeal Concrete Stain on for a few months now. I converted part of my covered patio for a cycle garage, (attached photos) and it came out so well, I will be doing another section of the patio. Oil spills are just wiped up, and tire marks don’t show at all.” – James C., AZ


Surface: Concrete Driveway

Excellent product and service! Lasti seal was great at sealing my concrete driveway. It actually has made it stronger as the edges are not cracking off any more. Also the beach sand color worked to provide a good look. The service was very good with 2 day delivery and immediate responsiveness to my emails on application questions. – John Heid, Trustpilot review


Surface: Backyard Concrete Patio

“We wanted to drop a note to tell you, we think that you have WONDERFUL products. We had some major cracks and spaces between our slabs of cement on our backyard patio. Some of the cracks had been filled with tar many years ago, and some with other crack fillers currently on the market today. We needed to clean those products out of the cracks, so we ordered your Lightning Strip Paint and Mastic cleaner and were Very impressed. It just melts the tar and cleans it off with a wire brush and water. Next we ordered the ElastiPoxy Crack Filler. In the deeper cracks ,we filled first with sand as Joe in Sales had suggested. When all the cracks had been filled, our next step was to clean it thoroughly with the Novion Universal Cleaner. That product along with the power washer, did a super job and for the first time ever the patio was several shades lighter as all the dirt and stains were washed away. It is environmentally safe too as your Web site states, as it didn’t hurt our grass at all. After letting it dry out for several days, we applied our first application of LastiSeal Concrete Color Stain. We used the Dark Gray for the first application and then applied Slate Green on the the diamonds. By Brush and Roller we applied a 2nd coating to each diamond in the appropriate color. Then finally we applied LastiSeal Concrete and Brick Sealer in the Satin Finish. The cement is REALLY sealed so nicely and feels great when you walk on it. Also water just runs off. Amazing!! We are thoroughly pleased with the Finished product and want to Thank Joe in Sales, for his patience and willingness to help with the many questions that we had for him the several times we called you. Radon Seal is to be commended for serving the public with these AMAZING products. We would certainly recommend these products for any concrete products that you want sealed and looking great!! From your truly happy customers.” – Phyllis H, SD


Surface: Concrete Floor

“The job went perfectly and the customer is overwhelmed with satisfaction. The home owners can’t believe how wonderful it turned out compared to the original floor condition. Your “Efflorescence Cleaner” did exactly what the info claimed it would and the Rustic Brown “LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer” is just gorgeous and gives that stained look without all the hassle of chemical processes.” – Mike A. M., CA


Surface: Concrete Garage Floor

“The LastiSeal Color Sealer has turned out great! The garage of this house we moved into was the worst I’ve seen. The garage floor had oil on it for years and rust spots everywhere. I determined that it was originally sealed also. I spent a lot of time degreasing & cleaning with your products (Novion Concrete Cleaner and Lightning Strip), I did two acid washes with the EasyEtch scrubbing hard, and rinsed very well ending with a pH below 9 (I had pH paper). I never filled or did anything to the couple fine floor cracks in the slab, there was never wetness there so I ignored them. I followed all the recommendations and used 2 coats of “Rich Earth“, the 2nd sponged on to accentuate a mottled finish. All I cared was to cover and hide the old cement floor stains. I then gave it two coats of Behr Low Luster Sealer which gave it a nice low gloss (not good for taking pics of the finished floor though). It should be noted the clear sealer gave it a slippery slick finish. Probably using some friction additive to the sealer would have been safer.” – Robert B., MD


Surface: Concrete Driveway

“Recently applied 2 coats of your LastiSeal Color Stain to my 6-year old concrete driveway primarily to enhance its appearance. Used the Rustic Brown which closely matches the brick on my house and sidewalk. Can’t begin to tell you what an incredibly positive change it has made in the driveway’s look! Wish I had taken some before and after pictures so you could see the change. Certainly has been worth the money, time and effort in applying this product.” – Lloyd H., KY


Surface: Basement Floor

“I had a lot of work in grinding the old paint off my basement floor (no pictures of that, sorry), then applying RadonSeal from our old house built in 1960.  I applied laminate flooring on top of the RadonSeal to a living area in the basement, and sealed a laundry room and bathroom with the two different LastiSeal Concrete Stain colors, after having applied the RadonSeal first. I ended up liking the look of the LastiSeal Concrete Stains with an initial application with the Rustic Brown, then applying a light coat of Rich Earth over the top, then sealing it with a clear sealer (the picture around the water heater). The laundry room was basically all Rich Earth Concrete Stain LastiSeal and though it was darker brown, it turned out nice too with a clear coat on top.” – Cliff H., PA


Surface: Garage Floor

Just as advertised.
After much researching and reading reviews on different types of sealers and stains. I stumbled onto the Radonseal page. Liked what I saw and the customer reviews were outstanding, so I purchased a couple of samples in different colors. I followed all the recommended cement test and cleaning before applying the product. Test samples went on easily, and I was able to make a decision on color. I placed an order of lastiseal in the color of my choice and followed the guide to cover the 1800 sq/ft of cement that I was to apply the product to. Product arrived well packaged and in under the time given for arrival. Prepped cement as recommended and applied the lastiseal to the garage floor. Product was easy to use and turned out beautifully. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to stain and seal their cement with an easy to use product. – Blaine, Trustpilot review


Surface: Concrete Floor

This is a great product! I applied this to an acid washed, clean concrete floor. I was very easy to apply, and it looks beautiful! – Lynn, Trustpilot review


Surface: Concrete Castings

“I make and sell concrete leaf castings. In the past, I used colored concrete powder and paint on my leaves, but was never satisfied. Since I discovered LastiSeal Color Stain, I have been using it for a year now and have to let you know how much I love it. I have searched many concrete web sites and stores and have not found a liquid concrete coloring/sealing product that is as affordable, of such high quality, and so easy and safe to use. The colors are just wonderful. I absolutely love them! I use LastiSeal Color to give my concrete cast leaves color and protection. Because of your sealer, I have no misgivings about selling my product. Previously, I used paint for coloring, which did not last. Your concrete sealer lasts and looks beautiful on my leaves. I am enclosing some pictures for you. Thank you for a wonderful product!” – Leaves By Pam Z, KY

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