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DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy

DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy


Structural epoxy foundation crack repair kit to seal and stabilize cracks in poured concrete walls. Blocks water, soil gases, and prevents further movement. ASTM structural epoxy injection is easy and quick. Save money and repair foundation concrete cracks yourself.


Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair Kits

A complete epoxy foundation crack repair kit for homeowners or pros – only a conventional caulking gun is needed. The quickest & easiest repair method –  no grinding or chasing the crack is necessary and no need to drill holes for injection ports. ASTM structural epoxy stabilizes the crack and prevents further movement in the foundation wall. Permanent results!

Fast-curing 2-component epoxy for injection when structural strength of the wall is required. Using a unique injection epoxy that quickly thickness as it cures to prevent epoxy loss outside the foundation wall.

Fix it and forget it! The crack will never leak again, and will no longer move. Unlike temporary fixes with caulk or hydraulic cement our epoxy injection kit is works permanently.

Repair water leaks through poured concrete foundation cracks like professional waterproofing contractors do! Our Epoxy DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kits ship complete with all the materials needed to repair 10 to 20 feet of cracks in basement walls. Only a conventional caulking gun is needed to do the job!

Low-pressure crack injection is suitable for both hairline cracks and wide cracks (up to 1/2″).

*Low-pressure injection is not suitable for hollow concrete block walls, instead use ElastiPoxy Joint & Crack Filler Kit.


Choose from our 10 or 20 foot do-it-yourself crack repair kits. If you have more than 20 feet of crack or repair foundation cracks professionally, try our PRO Epoxy Injection Kits.


Sealing and stabilizing structural cracks in poured concrete walls and structures.


DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit


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