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Ion-Bond Armor Subsurface Sealer

Ion-Bond Armor Subsurface Sealer


Without Equal in the Marketplace! Ion-Bond Armor Industrial-Grade Concrete Sealer penetrates the deepest and waterproofs the tightest compared to other silane and siloxane sealer. Ion-Bond Armor is the only silane/siloxane sealer that will work against negative side water pressure in basements.


Ion-Bond Armor is a subsurface elastomeric sealer for concrete, brick, and masonry. Penetrates up to 1.5 inches into concrete (3 times deeper than other siloxane sealers). Chemically reacts to form a hydrophobic barrier deep inside the substrate. PENETRATES Up To 2″ Into Concrete, Brick, or Masonry (3 x deeper than a typical siloxane sealer)

  • PREMIUM-GRADE CHEMISTRY – The Only Siloxane Able to Seal Against Negative Side Water Pressure.
  • PERMANENT – No Re-Applications Needed. Virtually Indestructible.
  • PAINTABLE – Leaves Surface Suitable for Paints, Adhesives, or Thinset
  • PAINTED & SMOOTH CONCRETE – So Penetrating That It Even Waterproofs Through a Single Layer of Latex Paint. Smooth Concrete Does Not Require Etching.

Use for waterproofing basements, foundation slabs, retaining walls, outdoor concrete, bricks, and pavers. The only silane/siloxane sealer able to withstand negative-side hydrostatic pressure.

Use Ion-Bond Armor on concrete blocks and cinder blocks after sealing them first with RadonSeal Plus.

Before installing flooring on concrete slabs, use Ion-Bond Armor after sealing first with RadonSeal for the tightest possible seal against water vapor.


  • Waterproofs – Indoor/Outdoor Concrete, Brick, Porous Masonry.
  • Highly Penetrates – Penetrates up to 1.5″ into concrete three times deeper than typical siloxane sealers. Penetrates into most hard-troweled concrete surfaces.
  • Negative Side Water – Durable to seal against hydrostatic pressure. Stops water wicking by capillary action. Most homeowners are not aware that common “waterproofing” silane/siloxane or acrylic concrete sealers are not suitable for basements because they get pushed off by negative water pressure.
  • Ultra-Low VOC – No fumes. No odors. Waterborne, non-toxic, non-flammable, noncorrosive. Earth-friendly.
  • Long-Lasting Seal – When used indoors and on walls, the waterproofing seal is practically permanent!
  • Slip Resistant – Does not coat the surface. Does not alter surface friction. Leaves the natural appearance of the concrete.
  • Paintable – Leaves the surface suitable for paints, adhesives, thin-set, and patching compounds.
  • Breathable – Does not trap water. Minimizes the infiltration of water vapor and gases, while still allowing the substrate to dry out.
  • Humidity – Aids in reducing water vapor transmission through the substrate.
  • Penetrates Latex Paint – Latex paint is porous. If one layer of latex was used in the past and removal is not feasible, Ion-Bond will penetrate and can help waterproof the concrete.


Approx. coverage per pail:

  • POURED CONCRETE — 1,000 sq.ft.
  • CONCRETE BLOCKS — 700 sq.ft.
  • CINDER BLOCKS — 500 sq.ft.




Shelf-Life: 45 Days (14 days once mixed/activated)

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