RadonSeal Product Reviews and Customer Feedback

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Waterproofing Concrete and Wet Basements

RadonSeal® Permanent Concrete Sealer

Ion-Bond™ Armor Subsurface Concrete Sealer

LastiSeal™ Brick & Masonry Sealer

Problem: Wet Concrete Floor Product Used: RadonSeal & Ion-Bond Armor

"I would like to express my sincere Thanks to your company for creating the products listed above that I purchased from you. I applied each product per the simple to use instructions that are attached to each pail.

I had a serious problem that was created by the previous home owner when he poured the concrete floor in the family room. I think he poured it as his money allowed him to as there were (6) different pours in a room that measures 16' X 28' ? Not only were there cracks in the floor from his different pours but biggest problem was that he never used a proper moisture barrier before he poured the concrete. His answer was to cover it with carpet and that's how I found it when I purchased the home.

When I removed the carpet for my remodel project, then I found the disaster. You could set a bucket pail or even a piece of plastic on the floor in this room and just over night when you moved the pail or plastic there would be an actual puddle of water where they had set. I was wanting to install vinyl floor planking but the flooring companies would not do it because they told me that the moisture (in my case,water) would release the vinyl adhesive and the planking would pop up all over my family room. Additionally they would not warrant any of their work because of the moisture problem?

My son in Portland, OR told me about your company so I bought it. Soon after applying the RadonSeal Standard Concrete Sealer, my problems went away as you said they would when I spoke to your company representative, however I went the extra step for my own peace of mind and applied the Ion Bond Armor too that you have.

NO MORE WATER PROBLEMS, PERIOD!!!! To ensure that my problems were solved, I placed a folded piece if plastic on the floor with the remaining amount of the 5 gal of Ion Bond Armor on top of it for 1 week and when I removed it, my floor was DRY!!!

Thank you for your products and solving my HUGE problem. I can now move forward with the vinyl floor planking. With Kind Regards" – Michael M., FL


Problem: Damp Basement Walls Product Used: RadonSeal

"My clients had received a bid to tear out the entire wall, dig out the flower box (which had been retaining the most of the water from the daily watering), then apply a backer board over the outside wall and use some "Yellow Jacket" product... To say the least they gave me a call, I went over to assess the area. There were no serious molding issues, but it wouldn't be long. So I took on the job, cleared out the planter box against the outside wall, wire brushed it, scrubbed it, let it dry for two days then applied several coats over the course of a few days. Before I put the dirt back, I drenched the wall. The results ... seeing was believing! Save them a ton of money!!!! God Bless" – Scott, WI


List Of Major Customers
Norfolk Naval Shipyard VA
American Lung Association MD
Clarendon County Detention Ctr. SC
Department of Fish & Wildlife WA
Texas A&M University TX
Prudential Real Estate Prof OR
New York City Fire Museum NY
Alstom Power TX
Tarrant County College TX
SOA Architects KS
Energy NorthWest WA
Northwest Hospital Medical Ctr WA
Advantage Environmental Cons MD
Wild Water West Waterpark SD
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center MD
Sheraton Vistana Resort FL
Neutocrete Systems CT
U.S. Home Corp FL
Days Inn AL
Mine Safety & Health Admin WV
Grand Waikikian Suites HI
Maine School Admin District 46 ME
Kootenai Tribe of Idaho ID
General Electric CT
Richman Marine FL
Minnesota Historical Society MN
First Community Bank MO
Gold Shield of Indiana IN
University of British Columbia BC
Eagle Construction CA
Cherokee Nation OK
Generation Homes GA
Dynegy Midwest Generation IL
Grimm Kennels TX
Custom Homes IL
State Farm Insurance IL
Windemere Development NY
Tulane Law School LA
Craig Hospital CO
Westchase Construction TX
Rockstar Construction CA
Alaska R&R AK
ECO Building Resource Ontario
Bitterroot Builders MT
Streamline Waterproofing NH
Cliffside Apartments MA
Camp Navajo Army Depot AZ
Maine Forest Service ME
Tri-Valley School AK
Flooring Solutions TX
Steeplechase Builders MA
Bolling Air Force Base Washington DC
St. Cloud Housing & Redevelopment Authority MN
Fairbeirn Water Treatment Plant CA
Elizabeth Oaks Apartments CA
Mansfield Bible Church TX
French Hill Winery CA
Wichita State University KS
Signature Tile NJ
Northfield Mt. Hermon School MA
Plaza Tower Parking Garage FL
Surface Solutions Inc. HI
Custom Tool & Die PA
Norwalk Housing Authority CT
Orlando Scottish Rite Center FL
Surf & Sand Resort CA
First Equity Mortgage MN
Seal It International of Arizona AZ
Concrete Resurfacing TX
Urban Smart Growth RI
Bryant University RI
Adolfo & Manuel Pools Supply CA
Center For Mortgage Education MO
Harvester Golf Course IA
Hotel St. Michael AZ
C&L Secure Storage CA
The Plumbing Co. WY
Morpheus Murals & Decorative Finishes IL
LTB Home Improvement CT
Slip Proof Floor Service LA
Superior Pools FL
America's Mart GA
The Norwich Free Academy CT
Lakeland Correctional MI
Williams Concrete Construction IL
Stargate Construction KS
Wheeler Kearns Architects IL
National Leak Detection CA
Cimarron Concrete TX
Wake Forest University NC
Red Hook Construction Group NY
Dept. Conservation & Recreation MA
Bullet Pest Control CA
Yale University Art Gallery CT
Siebert Surface Solutions WI
Freeman Decorating TX
East Smithfield Water District RI
St. Vincent's Hospital Westchester NY
Redway Cmty Services District CA
Ricon Builders NJ
All That Jazz Dance Studio OR
Exterior Concepts DE
Gulf Circle Co. Kuwait
UK Atomic Energy Authority UK
College of Marshall Islands
Marmara Yapi Tekno. LTD Turkey
Novaintermed SRL Romania
Out Island Construction Bahamas
PT. Paiton Energy E Java Indonesia
Sigmund Engineering Works Nigeria
CIPY Polyurethanes India

Problem: Musty Odors Product Used: RadonSeal & BioZap Air Purifier

"I wanted to take the time to write this review after using your products.

In July of 2013 I purchased a home that was on the counties list for demo because of Ferrell cats and dogs had been in the property while sitting vacant. As a contractor remodeling over 11 personal rental homes in the past 3 years I have been spent countless hours and money purchasing products that stated “Guaranteed to work”. Well I fell for the propaganda, I purchased other products stating they were the best. After using the other products I would return to the house and the odors would never reseed. I kept buying and reapplying the product to no avail. I called the company and was told “oh you’re not applying it properly”. I feel like I am half way intelligent and can read instructions. I was applying it as they stated, it’s just their product was not capable of conquering the job.
After more web searching I came across the all mighty “Radon Seal”. I called the company directly and explained to them what I was dealing with. The gentleman explained to me how to apply and what the process would be. I followed his instructions to the T.

Lord and behold, I walked in the very next day and wow what a difference a day made. Even my sub-contractors were like what happened to the odor? I told them about the product I located. I was skeptical that the odor would come back. Hot humid summer days in Georgia are breeding grounds for odors, mold and mold growth. It’s been four months and my house smells CLEAN…

The following day after application the efflorescence started pushing the minerals out of the porous concrete slap floor. I was astounded, this is exactly what the gentleman said it would do. So I kept mopping and wiping up for several days to assure all was pushed up before even considering laying the flooring. Then I called back to tell him that the product was working and that I wanted to try the BIO ZAP product to keep the mold spores from growing as I felt like I was getting this under control after many attempts.

I purchased 3 one pound tubs, 1 for each level of the home. I put them out one afternoon after the crew had left to let them go to work. I could not even make it out of the house before I could smell the “clean air”. Amazingly enough after the remodel was finished I kept one tub in front of the central HVAC return lines on each level. It is now end of Jan 14 and my three tubs are just now starting to age. The product actually last longer than the website states, can you believe it? A product that EXCEEDS the manufactures guarantee. I just called back this morning to reorder. Not only did I get three more for my personal home but I purchased more for a rental dwelling. THIS PRODUCT WORKS. Bar none the best on the market. All natural, non-harmful chemicals and best of all clean air creating a spore free home. You can talk to experts and all homes have mold spores, whether floating in the air, hanging onto your clothes or just making a warm happy spot in the bathrooms for the winter time. Do let anyone kid you, you need this in your home 12 months a year to breath quality air without spending the thousands on filtration systems that only mask problems , not eliminate them.

I am a true believer in the product and will never use anything else. You should try it. " – R & L Homes, Georgia


Problem: Dampness Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I'm wrighting this to let you know that I'm pleased with Radon seal that you advised. Your customer service was very helpful and knowledgeable, a great assistance in choosing the product that I needed. I'm a former building contactor and having been referenced by other contractors to your product. I had some concrete work done earlier this year and had some concerns and your service staff gave me the advice that I was looking for I must have called three or four times and each time gave me a knowledgeable answer to my concerns. I feel your product not only addressed all concerns, it is as advertised. I wish you continued success, as I'm ordering another of your products today" – Paul C., Omaha Nebr.

Problem: Moisture Spots Basement Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My house is 59 years old. I have lived in it 19 years. It always has had moisture spots show up on the basement floor as well as the garage floor. This year in North Carolina it rained the majority of days in the last 2 months, so the problem got worse. I Googled in hopes of finding a solution, when I found Radon Seal Plus. Being the skeptic I am, I usually want to be shown before I pay, but I couldn't argue with a guaranteed product. I purchased the 5 gallon pail, prepared the surface according the the well-written instructions; and to my delight it covered both the 1000 sq. basement, plus double-car garage floor with 2 coats. By that night I already could "feel" the difference in just how dry the air was in both places where I applied it; because the dampness was no longer coming through the concrete. After checking the next day....and ever since, the floors stay very dry. My garage no longer has condensation problems either. This product proved itself to be 'tried and true'. I am a female, and if I can easily use it with great results, so can anyone else. Thank you Radon Seal Plus, you made me a happy home camper. With appreciation" – Susan K., NC


Problem: Seeping Basement Floor, Leaking Walls Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We ordered radon seal and applied to the basement walls and floor over 1 1/2 years ago. Up until that point the basement was a mess. The floor seeped and the walls leaked. After finding your product on the Internet, I ordered it and my husband applied it. The application was so easy – just sprayed with a garden sprayer. Snce then, the basement has been dry, the musty smell is gone. Now we have sheetrock up, the walls painted, wiring done, and this is going to be a safe bedroom to sleep in during storms since we are prone to tornados here in Oklahoma. Thank you for such a wonderful product!" – Alice C., OK


Problem: Floor Dampness Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We live in a home built in 1967 located in Houston, TX. We were having trouble installing new flooring and were very concerned about moisture issues. I did extensive research and talked to many flooring experts. All decided that RadonSeal was the right stuff for our home. The sealer was easy to apply, and within hours you could see it working. On top of the seal we installed a floating laminate wood floor and porcelain tile in the restroom. We feel confident that RadonSeal will protect our floors for many more years to come." – Julie C., TX


Problem: Leaking Concrete Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer



Problem: Efflorescence Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My cinder block wall was seeping water, so I sealed it with Drylock. But after several months, efflorescence pushed it out and it blistered and peeled. I cleaned the concrete and painted it again two times, but it always peeled and leaked again. Then, I tried your RadonSeal. It pushed out rivers of efflorescence from the concrete and it is now bone-dry. Thanks" – Brian D., NC


Problem: Leaking Basement Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"You have a customer for Life! I am a contractor and had a property with a water issue in the basement. The water was actually puddling in the middle of the room, coming up from under the concrete floor. I used the Radon seal and to my amazement ... no more water in fact no more moisture! That was 5 years ago and still no problems. Your product does exactly what you claim. Thank you on behalf of my customers and myself." – Tom F., Atlanta, GA


Problem: Leaking Foundation Cracks Product Used: RadonSeal & DIY Foundation Repair Kit

"I want to thank you for your products. i had two big cracks in my poured foundation which I had to fix because we decided to make use of our basement as a living area. But first i want to tell you about some of many companies that came to my house to see the problem.

One company advertises that you will never have water in your basement again. Well that sounded like just what i needed. No more problems ever. So I called, they inspected the two cracks and gave me an estimate of $5,000. They would run a drain thru the middle of my basement and just let the water run thru the walls and this way, I will never have a water problem again! Well, now I said that your ad doesn't state that my basement was going to have a waterfall on the wall!

Then, I saw your site on the Internet and read everything you had on there. I must say you guys know what you are talking about. When you tell me no more water you really mean it. I decided to that two 5 gallon pails of RadonSeal at a $179 each was a whole lot cheaper than the last guys' waterfall project. Ha! Ha! Because I had the two cracks I went a head and also ordered your crack sealer kit. WOW! WHAT A BLESSING IN A TUBE for a $125 each and a total of $429.

Well, I did everything you said to do. When I got done, I thought now we have to wait for a heavy rain to see if we did what we intended to do STOP THE WATER. Well, it started raining here in the spring and it rained for 8 strait days and I mean heavy rains. Everybody's basement was getting wet that normally didn't get wet. But my basement was high and dry! YES! We beat the big company with his waterfall business.

I just want say to you THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUCH A GREAT BUNCH OF PRODUCTS that really do work and the cost is nothing to what the big companies want. Oh well, got to go down and catch a good movie on the big screen. Thanks again." – Everett W. B., NY


Problem: Basement Floor Seepage Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I used the Radon Seal on an 80 year old cement floor in a basement to try and stop ground water seepage. It works great! There is no more water seepage thru the floor. Unfortunately, that water has now found an outlet thru one of the basement walls. If you have any suggestions (that waterproof paint doesn't do diddly!), I'd appreciate it. I've recommended your product to several people as everybody around here has an 80 year old cement basement. It' really works. Thanks!" – Rebecca G., NJ


Problem: Shop Floor Wicking Water Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I constructed a new 5,000 sq foot building and the concrete slab was incorrectly poured with neither a rock base or vapor barrier underneath it. The result was a virtually unusable structure with major wicking of ground water up through the entire slab to the point that puddles formed over the entire surface even in dry weather. After a lot of research we ground off the surface of half of the slab with a diamond grinder to remove an ineffective sealer (put on by the concrete contractor) in order to allow complete penetration of Radon Seal into the slab. We used two coats of Radon Seal which cured the water problem and then put on two coats of whitewash Lastiseal as a finish. The result is a dry beautiful slab. These products are outstanding and have saved my building from being a complete disaster." – Maxine C., California


Problem: Leaking Basement Walls Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I was putting off finishing my basement because of water issues. All of the tie holes were not filled in properly and even after patching them, I still had water puddling up every time we had a big rain storm. I applied a bucket of RadonSeal on two walls to see how well it worked. After several months and multiple heavy down pours no water has appeared. My wife and are very impressed with the product so I just bought another bucket of RadonSeal to seal the other walls. I highly recommend your product and can't wait to get going on finishing the entire basement now that I know there will be no more water issues." – Thomas M., MA


Problem: Curing and Waterproofing Concrete Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have been very happy with RadonSeal. I used it on the basement floor of a house we have built at Cape Cod, and have found it to be excellent for curing and then, sealing concrete. I have been building houses for years but have never seen or heard of any other product that could compare to it! I would highly recommend it." – Donald N., MA


Problem: Basement Water Infiltration Product Used: RadonSeal & Ion-Bond Armor

"As a general contractor who recently used Radon Seal and Ion Bond Armor to resolve a serious water infiltration problem in a basement, I must say I am 110% impressed with your products. We tried other sealers but they did not do the job and were a pain to remove." – Justin G., MA


Problem: Basement Waterproofing Sealers Failed Product Used: Ion-Bond Armor

"I am selling my house and one of the major points of interest to the buyer is "Does the basement leak"? I have had my house up since last September. Since I put it up for sale, I have tried Drylock, ThoroSeal. Locktite, and Rockite. None of these products worked. I always had to say "Yes, I get water in the basement." I applied your product Ion-Bond Armor on Saturday morning and on Sunday and Monday it rained all day. I was so pleased when I checked Monday morning and found no water, but I said since it is going to rain all Monday, I will check when I get home from work. Well, to my delight there was no water when I got home from work. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product." – Rose E. K., OH


Problem: Concrete Roof Water Seepage Product Used: Ion-Bond Armor

"I wanted to let you know how great your product is working for our concrete roof here in Texas. We had some small cracks on 1 1/2" concrete roofs, which were poured over a rubber membrane. The rubber membrane had some holes letting small drips of water into the house. We used your Ion-Bond Armor on the concrete and Wow! Not a drip in site! It does what it says it will do and we highly recommend it! After a rain the water just beads up and rolls off the roof. In fact, we are ordering 2 more 5 gallon buckets to use on the other roofs of the house just to be safe. Finally a product worth buying!" – James L., TX


Problem: Seepage from Concrete Ponds and Waterfall Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I used radon seal to seal my concrete ponds and a waterfall that I built in my backyard. I had filled it without a seal and it seemed to let the water seep out. I then used Radon Seal and it sealed the ponds and we used the waterfall all summer with no seepage. I think that Radon Seal is a great product and the people that I spoke with before I sealed the ponds were very helpful and knowledgeable about sealing concrete. Thank you for your help and product." – Bill D., CA


Problem: High pH in Koi Pond and Cracks in Patio Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"The PH in my 4,000 gallon koi pond was getting very high and realized that it was the rock bottom embedded in concrete that was causing it. (Concrete leaches lime which raises.PH. Ammonia is much more toxic at higher PH levels.). So I applied Radonseal on the concrete floor of the pond - refilled it and the PH dropped instantly. Been stable for 6 years. I used the leftover RadonSeal on my 15 year old patio that was getting worse every year and that patio has not developed any new cracks in 6 years. Great product!" – Ron S., OH


Problem: High pH in Koi Pond Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"You should know that the RadonSeal worked great on my koi pond several years ago. It's a vinyl lined pond but with a lot of concrete on the bottom (over the liner) to hold rock in place. The leaching lime will raise PH a lot and causes algae problems. I sealed it twice with RadonSeal but could only allow it to dry for 12 hours with fans running. It definitely worked - my PH dropped the next day and remains in normal range for the past 4 years. You should put this application on your website as many pond owners have the same issue. I had a very hard time finding any product that was fish safe." – Mike K., IL


Sealing Damp Basements against Moisture, Mold, Musty Odor

Problem: Dampness, Mold and Mildew, Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I am finishing my basement and had great concerns about damp basement air, mold and mildew, and of course radon. Particularly, since we have a newborn in the house. When I received RadonSeal, I was skeptical of its effectiveness like any customer would be. I found it quick and easy to apply. Before I knew it, I was done with two applications. I was concerned about fumes because of my newborn, but there really weren't any. My radon is now very low and the basement feels dry. I did have a water spillage on the floor recently and noticed the water did not penetrate or absorb, it just stayed there until I wiped it off. I do not have to worry about damp basement anymore thanks to RadonSeal! P.S. I will now recommend RadonSeal to all my friends and neighbors". – Mark W., MA


Problem: High Humidity in Basement Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My basement was basically a big open concrete slab floor and block wall room. There had been a bit of minor water damage/seepage but no apparent major flooding. I did a little research on the Net and found a product called RadonSeal (www. radonseal.com ). It's a liquid sealer that is sprayed on concrete that soaks into the block and dries to form a plastic-like barrier. I bought 2 5-gal buckets and sprayed the hell out of my basement before I started any remodeling. I could immediately feel a difference in the dampness in the air. Within a day or so, the dehumidifier I have was extracting less than 1/4 of the moisture it had before. I put 3-4 coats on the block walls and 3-4 coats on the slab floor. It works like a charm." – Pat McD., OH


Problem: Crumbling Concrete Walls, Mold, Basement Smell Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"As for the "amazing results" on our 100 year old basement walls ... before RadonSeal, our walls were literally crumbling, the basement smelled terrible and there was mildew everywhere. We stripped the paint off the walls in the main room, sprayed on the RadonSeal Plus and have had no crumbling or water related problems for over 3 years. We just ordered another pail of the RadonSeal Plus to finish 3 smaller rooms in the basement before we sell the home. Based on our experience in the main room of our basement, we know sealing up the remaining walls with RadonSeal will help us sell our home because the basement will look and smell better." – Cathleen B., ME


Problem: Musty Odor in Basement Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have always had a musty and damp basement and having two very allergic young children to mold and mildew this worried me. In NJ we have had tremendous rainfall this past season and I knew I had to do something quick. I applied your Radon seal on the cinder block as directed and have not had any dampness in the basement anymore. I cannot thank you enough for having a product that says what it does. Your service was excellent and very patient in answering all my concrete questions before helping me place my order." – Ken L., Edison, NJ


Problem: Dampness, Musty Odor, Floor Crack Product Used: RadonSeal & Diy Foundation Repair Kit

"Want to let you know that the Radonseal penetrating sealer you sold me has done a great job! The basement is noticeably less damp, the musty smell is nearly gone, and the leaking hairline floor slab cracks are no longer wet. I also used your crack injection sealer and it completely stopped rainwater leakage from the crack in my 10 inch thick poured basement wall. I really commend your attempt to keep your products user friendly while developing materials that tackle so many difficult concrete challenges. Rarely have I found such an instructive and insightful website. I have already recommended your products to several other friends based on the immediate successes I have had." – Hugh B., NY


Problem: High Humidity, Musty Smell, Dehumidifier Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Just wanted to send a quick note on how impressed I was with the RadonSeal product.  We bought a new home that had the basement already finished.  Unfortunately, the relative humidity in the basement rooms would constantly hover between low 60% to high 70%.  The rooms acquired a definite “musty smell” especially when they had been closed up.  We bought a heavy duty dehumidifier that would handle 70 pints per day, and the poor machine worked endlessly to hold the humidity level to 50%. After finding your website, (one of the most useful websites I have come across), I reluctantly decided to pull up the carpet and purchase your RadonSeal Standard for the concrete floors. Wow what a difference!!!! - - -  Since applying the RadonSeal on any exposed poured concrete wall that wasn’t finished and the entire concrete floor, the relative humidity is holding at 44 to 46% without the use of the dehumidifier!  I’m sold! I’ll be sure to recommend your product to anyone that has a similar problem. By the way, thanks for your patience in answering my other questions when I called back about sealing large cracks, sealing around the area between the wall/floor, etc.  Your customer service is as good as your product and that’s saying a lot! Thanks again" – Jim M., GA


Problem: Nasty Pungent Odor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I purchased RadonSeal to prevent moisture build-up in my finished basement, but I ended up with a very pleasant surprise. Last year, we purchased a 28 year house in rapid decline and went about restoring it.  We found & repaired several issues with the foundation, but a nasty smell remained. As it was a daylight basement, we opened the windows and “aired out” the basement every chance we could, but the smell remained, even 6 months later. Even so, we still planned to finish the basement. Not giving it much thought, I bought RadonSeal as prevention for Radon and to prevent moisture buildup between the foundation and finished walls. However, the next day we went downstairs and like magic – that mildew smell for months?? GONE!! Completely and totally gone!! We had contractors and family all helping during the restoration – everyone knew about the ‘bad smell’ in the basement to the point of questioning why we wanted to finish it. NO ONE could believe the immediate change. I am happy to say, the basement has been finished for almost 1 year now and we have had no problems with moisture, radon, or that nasty, musty smell.  I was so happy I am buying more to use in my newly built garage as a floor primer before I put down the epoxy covering. I am very happy – and would be a reference to anyone considering using it! Thank YOU!" – R.W., Olathe, KS


Problem: Musty Smell, Mildew, Basement Tiles Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Several years ago, I applied your Radonseal to a portion of my basement to create a pantry area for food, clothing and valuables. While my basement had never leaked, the constant flow of moisture vapor through the floor caused that well known musty/concrete smell and mildew to form on anything stored for long. After letting RadonSeal set for a few weeks, I covered the floor with linoleum tile using standard mastic. I'm happy to report that after over 8 years, the pantry has been dry clean with no musty smell or mildew on anything stored there. The tiles have stayed absolutely flat and secure and bone dry. As a guy who is very skeptical of product claims, I've verified it works, and works very well. Thanks for making a great product, and one that gives the added (and even more important) benefit of blocking dangerous radon gas." – Chris H., NH


Problem: Damp Concrete, Musty Smell, Mold Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My basement is poured concrete from 1910. The walls are 14". The basement had very high humidity, with damp spots on the walls and floor, and was always musty and moldy. My wife complained regularly about the smell in our house that was coming from the basement.
We excavated, put in weeping tile, insulated, and waterproofed from the outside, but the musty smell and mold was still there along with damp spots on the walls, and floor. This cost us $10,000. I ordered 2 pails of Radon Seal Plus, and applied them. I am completely impressed with it's performance. The basement is very dry now. The musty mold smells are gone, and I am finally going to finish the basement. Thank you RadonSeal!" – D.D., Grand Portage, MN


Problem: Damp Foundation, Spalling, Musty Odor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I used RadonSeal Plus to waterproof small areas of my poured concrete cement foundation that were damp, spalling and causing a musty odor in the basement. The house was built in 1933 and the walls were originally painted with calcimine then CalciCoater. There are bare spots where the moisture has lifted the paint. I poured RadonSeal into a bucket and used a paintbrush to cover the bare areas with excellent results. There is no sign of spalling or moisture and the odor is gone. I found RadonSeal easy to use and I was pleased that it was non-toxic and environmentally safe. Thank you for such a fine product." – Susan D., MA


Problem: Damp and Moldy Smell in Media Room Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have a 30 yr old contemporary house with a poured concrete foundation and basement floor. One corner of the basement contains a finished study/media room with a carpet and pad directly on the concrete floor. The room always had a strong smell of mold and dampness. My wife would not watch TV or listen to the stereo in this room! I found RadonSeal via a web search and was impressed by the content and completeness of the web site. The user comments seemed to be genuine, unlike some other sites I have encountered. Deciding that the product seemed to be worth a try, I placed an order for Radon Seal Plus. I then removed the old carpet and pad from the room and discarded them. After scraping and grinding off most of the old carpet adhesive, I applied the Radon Seal Plus and then, had a new carpet and pad installed. After 8 months, including a lot of wet summer weather, there is no evidence of any damp or moldy smell in this room - this product really does work as advertised!" – Mark S., MA


Problem: Damp Spots, Musty Smell, Dehumidifier Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I sealed my entire basement. I am very impressed! Radonseal has done a wonderful job on the moisture problem. I have a dehumidifier and it doesn't even run any more. Before radonseal the basement smelled damp and had water spots. Now it doesn't smell musty or have any water at all. It is nice and dry! Thanks so much for Radonseal!" – Sincerely, Karmen K., MI


Problem: Moisture, Mildew, Dehumidifier Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Living near the ocean has caused major moisture and mildew problems in my basement. With my dehumidifier going full time I was still having a problem. After some research I decided to give Radon Seal a try. This was the best decision I've made in some time. After purchasing ten gallons, following your prep rules to the letter and applying two coats, the change was amazing. Within two days I was noticing a change. In two weeks my humidity index was reading a constant 35 to 40 percent. Thanks for offering such an excellent product." – Jim H., RI


Problem: Moisture, Basement Smells Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Hello – Thank you for making this product available. Our basement smells clean and fresh now, after all the scrubbing and applying coats of Radonseal, and the surface seems harder and truly SEALED. We are using Radonseal to seal out moisture (not radon) which is our big problem in the northwest. The rainy season is just beginning here so I’ll let you know now it works as the winter goes on. P.S. Building codes should require this type of treatment on all new concrete and blocks, if prevention of problems was considered important."


Problem: Damp Basement Walls, Musty Odor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Just wanted to let you know that the Radonseal product solved my basement dampness problem better than I expected. Our new home in Pike County, PA doesn't have gutters installed yet and all the rain of the past few weeks left large puddles all around the foundation. Before I applied Radonseal the basement walls were very damp. You could actually feel and smell the dampness. A few weeks after I applied the two coats of Radonseal I noticed that not only had the dampness on the walls disappeared, but the musty odor was gone. I have a few gallons left over and plan to apply it to the inside of the garage too. This is a great product!" – Frank D., VT


Problem: Prep for Finishing a Basement Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My wife and I decided to finish our basement and we wanted to seal it first. After much research, I chose your RadonSeal Plus. My contractor is glad I did. He will be recommending this product to all his future clients! It's easy to apply and has no odor. It's safe! We have a small child, another one on the way, and pets. The product's qualities were very important to us. It's user friendly, environmentally safe, seals out water and gases, prevents mold, and has a 20 year guarantee! You certainly cannot ask for more in a product and we are extremely happy with it." – Frank H., CT


Problem: High Humidity in House, Finishing Basement Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"It has been several months now since I used the RadonSeal Plus in my basement and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with the results! At first, it started as a project to just keep the humidity down in my house, but after I have experienced such great results, I am finishing out my basement the way I always wanted it. I owe it all to the team at RadonSeal. Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend your sealer to all my friends." – Eric S., IL


Problem: Moisture, Crumbling Concrete Walls Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I just wanted to send an email to thank you for your wonderful product and service. I had a huge problem with moisture and crumbling walls in my 100 year old poured concrete basement. I purchased the radon seal plus, applied it to my walls and have had no moisture or crumbling since the application (and it has been raining for days here!!) Your staff was VERY helpful and responsive to all of my questions and I really appreciate that. Thanks again!" – Bethany B., IN


Problem: Humidity, Concrete Dusting Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Application went easily and the coverage was just as advertised - covered an approximate 1,500 square foot, year old basement floor at two coats with less than 8 gallons. Purchased Radonseal to hopefully reduce basement humidity as well as eliminate dusting. Living in wetlands the basement has required a dehumidifier operating year round - basement humidity without de-humidification was close to 70%. Since applying the sealer humidity has dropped greatly and the dehumidifier runs much less. Basement floor even looks better, more 'finished' looking - and no dust. Purchased more to do the basement walls (hoping to lower humidity even more) and the garage floor (dust). Good product, fast delivery." – Tom H., CT


Problem: Efflorescence, Musty Smell, Laminate Flooring Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We would like to thank you for your great product and service. We planned to finish our basement with laminate floors. But we heard a lot of stories about the problems of laminate flooring "peaking" due to excessive moisture in the basement. Although our basement is only two years old, the "white powder" could be seen on some walls, and it always smelled musty when we went to basement. Before finishing it, we applied RadonSeal Plus to the entire basement. Now it has been two months, there is no more "white powder" coming out from walls and there is no more concrete smell. Thanks!" – Cheryl X., IL


Problem: Condensation in Crawlspace, Mold on Joists Product Used: RadonSeal, LastiSeal, BioZap

"Thank you so much for such  quality products. My crawlspace wasn't encapsulated & moisture barrier not applied 100%. Some the ductwork had condensation and mold was noted on the floor joists. After much research, I decided to use your products. The RadonSeal Plus was suggested for my cinderblock foundation areas, Lastiseal for the brick areas & BioZap for the mold removal and future prevention. The application process for the RasonSeal and Lastiseal almost sounded too good to be true (using a garden sprayer) but I was pleasantly surprised. The BioZap is also working well to remove the mold and I am spraying the areas for prevention of further mold. Doing most of this work ourselves has paid for the products. We hope sealing the foundation with your products and doing the other things will eliminate the need for a dehumidifier, which my husband did not want. I have already been recommending your products to others." – Sylvia B., NC


Problem: Crumbling Mortar Joints, Musty Odor, Efflorescence Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"RadonSeal works really nice. My mortar joints have gone from crumbling to solid, my floor has gone from damp to dry, the musty odor is gone, and piles of minerals have been exorcised from the walls and floor. I'm going to use it also on the exterior of my foundation to seal it up nice and tight. Excellent product!" – Paul D., Manitoba


Problem: Condensation on Concrete Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have applied the radon sealer couple years ago. The floor in my shop used to get wet from condensation every spring. It has worked GREAT! I have a dry floor year round - thank you." – Rick R., Grand Rapids, MN


Problem: Sweating Garage Floor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I have lived in my present home for 10 years. For some reason my garage floor recently started to sweat. I found out about Radon Seal on the internet and ordered a 5 gallon pail. In Arkansas the humidity is always very high and I was having a moisture problem in my garage. The walls were starting to show signs of mold and the floor was very wet on certain days. After I used Radon Seal (about 2 months ago) I have had "no" problem with moisture. I have cleaned the walls for mold and repainted my garage. It looks just like it did when the house was new.
Your product works great and I am so glad! Thank you." – Robert A., AR


Sealing Basements against Radon Gas

Problem: Radon, Wet Basement Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Hi, I just wanted to send you a thank you note. I applied (4) coats of the RadonSeal Plus to the block walls and (2) coats to the floor of my very damp basement. In the past the walls were always wet at the bottom and there was always a small amount of standing water at the base of the walls. After the application I had a whitish powder which I was able to wipe away. Within days, I no longer had any standing water or wet walls. The radon test results came in today with great results. The level went from 5.1 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L. Thank You very much, your product was easy to use and seems to work like a charm. I will recommend your product and contact you with any future needs that I might have." – Traci T., DE


Problem: Very High Radon Level, Dampness Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Purchased a 6 year old house with radon level of 64 pCi, prior owner will not reduce or correct. In Pennsylvania (South Central). Floor is poured slab, about 2,600 sq feet, walls are block, some signs of moisture, no actual drips. After RadonSeal, I saw a drop in Radon (using 72 hour electronic monitor) from 64 pCi to 2 pCi! Of course I did seal all cracks with a polyurethane made for expansion joints and cap the sump pump. .... Painted some of the wall - easier than I'm used to with block and greater spread (area wise). Have not tiled floor yet, but I am beginning to think I might get away with not installing a subfloor and just lay tile right on concrete. Thanks RadonSeal!" – John D., M.D., PA


Problem: Radon, High Humidity Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I recently purchased two pails of RadonSeal to help lower my Radon level of 3.7 pCi/L recorded in my basement even though I live in an area of Tennessee where EPA feels Radon levels are low. The basement had high humidity levels with water seepage with standing water on some parts of the 1600 sq.ft. I applied three coats of RadonSeal and two days later recorded Radon levels of 1.0 pCi/L. My water seepage and standing water problems disappeared. Needless to say I am very pleased with RadonSeal and would recommended this product". Sincerely, – Rick D., TN


Problem: Radon, Humidity Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Hello, We love your product - our basement has been dry for 2 years and just passed a radon test for the buyers of our home. (We didn't bother mentioning that it had failed one, some years back.)" – Elisabeth L.J., NJ


Problem: High Radon Level Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We just checked radon this past week, and our basement now is reading 2.0, checked at 2 different locations. Not bad for starting at 29 pCi/L! The house has been closed up, .... I have the drains covered with plastic, but not sealed, and still have the low reading." – Andrean L., IL


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I had previously tested at 4 pC (units?) of radon, the threshold for recommended remediation. After treatment, the measure was less than 1. I am pleased with the results! Regards." – Richard T., PA


Problem: High Radon Level Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Well I didn't believe it at first, but your Radonseal worked like a charm! I have a concrete floor and cinder block walls in my basement. I used 3 pails of Radonseal, primarily because the cinder block is so porous ...I dropped the radon reading from 18 to 0.7." – Bob G., NY


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"what a great product!! my wife and i live in in a salt box house with a partial basement built on ledge. when we purchased our house this summer we had a radon test done. the results were discouraging as they came back at 3.6 pci/l, which is .4 under the suggested limit but its still cancer causing. after a lot of research, we bought your product, radonseal. although we were somewhat skeptical, we thought we'd give it a try as opposed to a costly radon mitigation system we would have to install on the verge of winter. we sprayed on Radonseal, bought another radon test kit and awaited the results. lo and behold, we dropped the level of radon to 0.1pci/l!!! thanks so much, we've already been recommending to others!!" – Scott S., NH


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We sold our house and before the closing bought a new one. Then came the bad news that our old house tested for radon at 5.6! ... we found RadonSeal. I sprayed it on right away and asked the inspector to test again. To his surprise, the radon level was now only 1.8! It cost us only $360 and the sale closed at the original price." – Ray P., IA


Problem: Radon, Carpeting Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We applied 5 gallon of RadonSeal to a 26x32 basement floor prior to carpeting. The reading was twice the recommended safety level (8.2 pCi/L) prior to applying the seal. We applied the seal, installed an electronic permanent tester and the radon reading is now 0.2! We are happy with the results. Your office was very helpful. Thank you." – Paul S., VA


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"One year ago, we bought a ten year old house with an unfinished basement. We also bought a radon detector and checked the radon level in the house before closing. The radon level was at 3, an "acceptable" level. This summer, while organizing the basement, I ran across the radon detector again. I plugged it in and the alarm kept going off because the radon level had risen to 4. We immediately began researching radon mitigation methods on the internet and came across RadonSeal's website. Their product sounded intriguing, so after several more hours of research, we purchased it. Like the company said, it was really easy to apply (once we figured out how to open the bucket). Seriously, the hardest part of the whole process was picking up all of the kids toys so we had a bare floor to spray the sealer on. We applied it a month ago and our radon level is already down to 1, even though we couldn't do the entire basement because one end of it is currently being used for storage, and there's a big pile of lumber on the other end. We are planning to finish applying the RadonSeal when we have access to all of the walls." – Brooke S., MI


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"We found a nice house, but before closing the home inspector measured radon at 9.5 pCi. We negotiated a $1,000 credit for radon mitigation. Then, we discovered RadonSeal ... It was quick and easy. We have reduced radon from 9.5 down to 1.6 pCi! The 2 pails of RadonSeal cost us $400 and we have earned $600 for a couple of hours of work!" – Joe M., PA


Problem: High Radon Level Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"My father-in-law suggested that I should share my success with your product. My results were very similar to his. I covered the walls and floors of my basement with RadonSeal in two coats. We have gone from radon measurements around 18 pCi to a consistent long and short term reading of 2. I couldn't be more pleased, and I feel that I got an excellent value compared with other options I have heard about from friends and neighbors." – Jonathan P., IL


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I recently moved to my current address and the radon tests showed a 3.5 reading. I did some research and found RadonSeal. I have to say I was very skeptical of the effectiveness of RadonSeal. Since I dislike the idea of installing a fan-based mitigation system, I decided to give a RadonSeal a try given it has a money back policy. To my surprise, the two tests after applying RadonSeal came back both well below 2.0. I am very pleased to say the least! I highly recommend RadonSeal because it works!" – Ray P., MA


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I recently purchased your RadonSeal for my basement floors and walls. My radon has dropped from 8.4 to 3.1. I Just wanted to say "good product"! I am  a carpenter I will surely tell my friends how well it worked. THANKS." – L.H., NY


Problem: Radon, Water Vapor Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Twelve years ago I sprayed Radon Seal on my basement walls and floor (new construction). After sealing the floor down I taped clear plastic to the floor in numerous places, and left it there for many months. Not a single drop of water vapor ever accumulated on the plastic, a testament to the effectiveness of your product. I have a radon tester running 24 hrs a day, so I can keep tabs on the levels in the basement office. By using Radon Seal, radon levels went from over 12 pCi/L when we bought the house, down to an average of 1.4 in summer and 1.8 pCi/L in the winter. For the Colorado Rocky Mountain areas, that is excellent!" – Christen R., CO


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I wanted my husband to finish the basement but insisted on testing for radon first, because our son would sleep there. The test came out at 4.3 ... I sprayed it on and my husband caulked one Saturday morning. We have just received our radon results yesterday. The radon has dropped to 1.4 and we have saved $800!" – Jaime V., CT


Problem: Radon, Basement Waterproofing Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"I purchased 2 five gallon pails of RadonSeal and applied them to my basement floor and walls. Prior to the application, the radon level was 7.1 (pCi/L). The following week I tested again (in two separate locations) and the level was reduced to 1.6 (pCi/L) even when the instructions indicated that the RadonSeal reaches its full strength in 30 - 60 days! Not only was the product effective at reducing the radon level, it was also very easy to apply and much less expensive than other radon mitigation methods. Plus, I am in the process of finishing the basement and now have the added assurance that the basement has been waterproofed! Although initially I was skeptical, based on my experience, I would recommend RadonSeal as an effective means to radon mitigation and waterproofing. Thanks RadonSeal!" – Robert L. H., CT


Problem: Radon Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"After getting a radon reading during my home inspection of 3.8 with spikes up to 5.9, I bought an electronic radon detector and ordered 4 pails of radon seal for the walls and floor. My radon detector registered 4.8 pCi/L before the application. After 2-3 coats of RadonSeal the reading had dropped to 1.8 where it has consistently remained for the past month. Thanks RadonSeal!" – Wayne, Raleigh, NC


LastiSeal™ Concrete Stain & Sealer Testimonials

LastiSeal™ Concrete Stain & Sealer

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Surface: Concrete Floor, Porch

"I just ordered more of your LastiSeal color sealer to touch up our floors where we previously applied your product. Everyone who has seen our floors, bar none, cannot believe that they are concrete! I scored the floors with a diamond saw prior to applying the sealer. My wife used a sponge to texture the sealer and everyone thinks that the floors are natural stone. Actually, we decided to stain the floors due to running low on our budget but now my wife says that if she could have any flooring available, she would choose your sealer. I used a gallon of LastiSeal Stain outside on part of our porch. I also purchased a cheaper penetrating stain to finish it (3 coats v. 1 coat of yours). Now when it rains it is clear that your product is far superior by observing the water penetration. Gentlemen, I am sold on your product and it is the only one I can recommend!" – Morgan P., IN


Surface: Pool Deck, Stamped Concrete

stained pool deck

"Our project is almost finished and it looks awesome!! Here are some pictures. The pool deck is stamped concrete. We started with the Cordova Tan as a base coat then "faux" sealed, using a rag, with Rich Earth to give it dimension. The pavers outlining the deck were also sealed with Rich Earth. Once this was completed, we added 2 coats of an acrylic base sealer from Home Depot. We found that the "faux" project worked best on a hot deck!!!! The patio is concrete stamped like wood planks so we used just the Rich Earth to color seal this area to give it a dark stained wood appearance, applied with a spray bottle and a broom." – Sandi H., AZ


Surface: Covered Patio, Garage Floor

"I know, I'm not too quick on the response, but I am pleased with the result after having the LastiSeal Concrete Stain on for a few months now. I converted part of my covered patio for a cycle garage, (attached photos) and it came out so well, I will be doing another section of the patio. Oil spills are just wiped up, and tire marks don't show at all." – James C., AZ


Surface: Backyard Concrete Patio

"We wanted to drop a note to tell you, we think that you have WONDERFUL products. We had some major cracks and spaces between our slabs of cement on our backyard patio. Some of the cracks had been filled with tar many years ago, and some with other crack fillers currently on the market today. We needed to clean those products out of the cracks, so we ordered your Lightning Strip Paint and Mastic cleaner and were Very impressed. It just melts the tar and cleans it off with a wire brush and water. Next we ordered the ElastiPoxy Crack Filler. In the deeper cracks ,we filled with sand as Joe in Sales had suggested. When all the cracks had been filled, our next step was to clean it thoroughly with the Novion Universal Cleaner. That product along with the power washer, did a super job and for the first time ever the patio was several shades lighter as all the dirt and stains were washed away. It is environmentally safe too as your Web site states, as it didn't hurt our grass at all. After letting it dry out for several days, we applied our first application of LastiSeal Concrete Color Stain. We used the Dark Gray for the first application and then applied Slate Green on the the diamonds. By Brush and Roller we applied a 2nd coating to each diamond in the appropriate color. Then finally we applied LastiSeal Concrete and Brick Sealer in the Satin Finish. The cement is REALLY sealed so nicely and feels great when you walk on it. Also water just runs off. Amazing!! We are thoroughly pleased with the Finished product and want to Thank Joe in Sales, for his patience and willingness to help with the many questions that we had for him the several times we called you. Radon Seal is to be commended for serving the public with these AMAZING products. We would certainly recommend these products for any concrete products that you want sealed and looking great!! From your truly happy customers." – Phyllis H, SD


Surface: Concrete Floor

"The job went perfectly and the customer is overwhelmed with satisfaction. The home owners can’t believe how wonderful it turned out compared to the original floor condition. Your “Efflorescence Cleaner” did exactly what the info claimed it would and the Rustic Brown "LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer” is just gorgeous and gives that stained look without all the hassle of chemical processes." – Mike A. M., CA


Surface: Concrete Garage Floor

"The LastiSeal Color Sealer has turned out great! The garage of this house we moved into was the worst I've seen. The garage floor had oil on it for years and rust spots everywhere. I determined that it was originally sealed also. I spent a lot of time degreasing & cleaning with your products (Novion Concrete Cleaner and Lightning Strip), I did two acid washes with the EasyEtch scrubbing hard, and rinsed very well ending with a pH below 9 (I had pH paper). I never filled or did anything to the couple fine floor cracks in the slab, there was never wetness there so I ignored them. I followed all the recommendations and used 2 coats of "Rich Earth", the 2nd sponged on to accentuate a mottled finish. All I cared was to cover and hide the old cement floor stains. I then gave it two coats of Behr Low Luster Sealer which gave it a nice low gloss (not good for taking pics of the finished floor though). It should be noted the clear sealer gave it a slippery slick finish. Probably using some friction additive to the sealer would have been safer." – Robert B., MD


Surface: Concrete Slab

"Here are some pictures of our floors sealed with LastiSeal Concrete Stain canyon brown. The pictures do not do justice to the way they really look. I am not very good with a camera. You can see we scored the floors differently, the smaller the room, the smaller the diamonds or squares. My wife used a spray bottle to apply the stain in several coats, thicker in the score lines, and then used a natural sponge to achieve the textured look. The floors are extremely easy to maintain and my wife uses one of those mop things with the throw away pads.
There are several other rooms that I didn't take pictures of. The Woodland Olive in our bedroom turned out really well and we also used the rocky gray color in one of the bedrooms. Our only problem has been plug-in air fresheners spilled in a couple of places and stripped the color off. That is why I ordered today, to re-touch these areas. Otherwise it has been extremely durable." – Morgan P., IN


Surface: Concrete Driveway

"Recently applied 2 coats of your LastiSeal Color Stain to my 6-year old concrete driveway primarily to enhance its appearance. Used the Rustic Brown which closely matches the brick on my house and sidewalk. Can't begin to tell you what an incredibly positive change it has made in the driveway's look! Wish I had taken some before and after pictures so you could see the change. Certainly has been worth the money, time and effort in applying this product." – Lloyd H., KY


Surface: Basement Floor

"I had a lot of work in grinding the old paint off my basement floor (no pictures of that, sorry), then applying RadonSeal from our old house built in 1960.  I applied laminate flooring on top of the RadonSeal to a living area in the basement, and sealed a laundry room and bathroom with the two different LastiSeal Concrete Stain colors, after having applied the RadonSeal first. I ended up liking the look of the LastiSeal Concrete Stains with an initial application with the Rustic Brown, then applying a light coat of Rich Earth over the top, then sealing it with a clear sealer (the picture around the water heater). The laundry room was basically all Rich Earth Concrete Stain LastiSeal and though it was darker brown, it turned out nice too with a clear coat on top." – Cliff H., PA

Surface: Foundation Concrete Slab

"We had engineered hardwood floors laid over our entire house, except kitchen and bathrooms when we moved into this house 1 year and a half ago. Last summer I noticed some water bubbling through the floors. When my husband started pulling the floor up we saw the floor had molded from underneath. All we know to do at this point is put some kind of sealer down on the concrete. Any advice would be appreciated!
I do know you do need to seal your slab. Don't go with a product from Lowe's - LastiSeal Masonry & Brick Sealer by RadonSeal is the best concrete and masonry sealer there is PEROID - it penetrates very deep and closes up all the concrete's capillaries. My parents had a concrete problem and I did tons of research as to the sealer that would work the best and I found LastiSeal and can't say enough positive things about it. It can't be found in stores, but there is tons of information about it on radonseal.com website." from forum.doityourself.com/solid-hardwood-engineered-laminate-flooring/


Surface: Concrete Castings

"I make and sell concrete leaf castings. In the past, I used colored concrete powder and paint on my leaves, but was never satisfied. Since I discovered LastiSeal Color Stain, I have been using it for a year now and have to let you know how much I love it. I have searched many concrete web sites and stores and have not found a liquid concrete coloring/sealing product that is as affordable, of such high quality, and so easy and safe to use. The colors are just wonderful. I absolutely love them! I use LastiSeal Color to give my concrete cast leaves color and protection. Because of your sealer, I have no misgivings about selling my product. Previously, I used paint for coloring, which did not last. Your concrete sealer lasts and looks beautiful on my leaves. I am enclosing some pictures for you. Thank you for a wonderful product!" – Leaves By Pam Z, KY


Sealing Outdoor Concrete

DryWay™ Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer


Surface: Sidewalks, Parking Lot Problem: Snow/Ice Removal Product Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer

Tarrant County College"Ice melt costs us $1,000.00 per pallet (40 boxes @$25.00). We easily saved $4,000.00 this year – DryWay sealer paid for itself in the first year (not including the savings in labor)! We used a quarter of our normal amount of ice melt to treat our “bad spots” - concrete stairways and sidewalks through our campus that are shaded during the winter months (no melting assistance from the sun). Those areas were always the worst to clear and, by far, required the most ice melt and were the most labor intensive to handle. As they are our main walkways, they require our complete attention to cut down on the slip hazards for our students and faculty. Because of the DryWay, we were able to breeze through them and suddenly had “extra” time to focus on our parking areas. We were actually able to use our riding 6’ sweeper (attachment for one of our mowing units) to clear our walkways this year. The snow and ice didn’t bind to the concrete as in years past. We merely hit it with a light dose of ice melt and our work was done. It’s a good thing, because the snow/ice accumulations packed tight on the parking areas and we had all we could do to get those areas ready for pedestrians." – Property Mgr., Tarrant County College, TX


Surface: Driveway and Front Walkway Product Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

"I just applied Dryway to the concrete slabs on the side of my house. I am a repeat customer having used Dryway on my driveway and front walks last month. This is easy to apply with no odor just a pleasant scent. It only took 2 hours to apply 5 gallons using a small pump sprayer and roller. I was so impressed with the water repellency after I did the driveway that I decided to do the side also. I have slabs in the rear of the house that need some color, so, I intended to order LastiSeal since it will also act as a stain for the concrete! This is a very good product!" – Len C., CA


Surface: Driveway Problem: Crumbled Concrete, Cracks Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Last winter we had some heavier than normal ice storms and my concrete driveway paid the price. There were divots almost everywhere. One section was particularly bad with two large areas (2 to 3 feet in diameter) in which the top 1/2 inch or so of the concrete had crumbled away. This process had also started a crack. Radonseal completely solved the problem - no further erosion, chipping, flaking, etc has taken place since applying Radonseal - - NONE! So, I am sold on the strengthening properties of RS and that is mostly why I want to put it in my new building." – Gary C., PA


Surface: Garage Floor, Driveway Problem: Concrete Erosion & Flaking Product Used: RadonSeal Concrete Sealer

"Last year I bought some of your RadonSeal and applied it to my concrete garage floor and driveway. The garage floor is at least 50 years old and I put the driveway in about 20 years ago. I had a 4 foot by 6 foot area in the garage that was flaking and basically turning to powder. The driveway showed signs of minor erosion in different spots. Well, I finally had a chance to clean out my garage this spring and noticed that the floor didn't have any more flaking or peeling like before. It was solid and showed no sign of any more deterioration and there is no further damage to the driveway. Thanks for the great product." – Rick G., PA


Surface: Sidewalks Problem: Chewing Gum Product Used: DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer

"DryWay prevents chewing gum from bonding to concrete and cleanup of those black, cancerous spots is a much simpler process. The gum lifts right off with very little residue left behind. Before the sealer, we could only chip away tiny fragments at a time and there was always a significant (unsightly) amount that we’d have to leave in the pores because we just couldn’t justify spending that much time per gum wad. Now it’s just a matter of spending about 10 seconds or so per piece to clean each spot and move on. It’s certainly not 100%, but the manpower savings are significant and it’s turned a dreaded chore into a much more productive operation." – Property Mgr., Tarrant County College, TX


Surface: Concrete Driveway Product Used: RadonSeal & DryWay

"Applied RadonSeal on new driveway. Went on easy, dried without streaking (which was a problem my neighbor had with a sealer he used), clean-up was easy, and most importantly, the driveway looks great! I liked the fact that this strengthens and extends the life of the concrete and that it is a permanent bond! I plan to order the DryWay sealer to further protect the surface from oil spills and road salts. Thanks for a great product!" – Donna K., IL

Sealing Brick, Masonry, & Stone

LastiSeal™ Brick & Masonry Sealer


Problem: Pitting Concrete Sculptures Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product, Lastiseal Masonry & Brick Sealer. I use it for the final sealer on my concrete sculptures. The best product I have found." – Randall Z., OH


Problem: Faded Brick Product Used: LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer (Satin)

"I thought I would let you know that I covered half my house with the LastiSeal Satin sealer. It took about 7 gallons to do so. It was TOO windy to finish it Sunday. It actually changed my original red and black brick BACK to its original color. I did not realize it had turned to "orange and black". My wife had been calling it the "Emperor's New Clothes" as she did NOT think it was worth the cost. She said that she is now impressed! Thus, I hope to use the remaining 3 gallons on the back side of the house. I know that I will be buying another 5 gallons to finish the house completely but I can't afford it until May. I used a hand pump sprayer. It worked better than I thought. My neighbor even came over to ask my why my house looks so much different. Just thought I would give you an update. Thanks for your advice. I know it will seal for years but getting my original brick color back was SWEEEEEEET! Enjoy" – Weldon, Abilene TX


Problem: Water Seepage, Faded Stone Product Used: LastiSeal Brick Sealer (Satin)

"I recently purchased Lastiseal Masonry sealer in the satin finish to seal our indoor stone floor. After the 1st application the floor appeared cloudy in spots. We decide to apply a second coat to see if this would fix the problem, and it did. The floor came out BEAUTIFUL, we couldn't be happier with the results. The Lastiseal brought out the natural colors of the stone as if it were wet, bonded the entire floor together and made it stronger than ever. Once the weather warms up, we also plan on using Lastiseal on our stone chimney. We hope that by sealing the chimney will help eliminate our leaking issues. I can't wait to see the results. Thank you again for such a great product and for the friendly and helpful staff at RadonSeal!" – Stephanie, PA


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