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Foundation Crack Repair Kits for Contractors

Professional Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Kits

Basement Wall Crack Repair Kits for Contractors & Homeowners

Are you starting a basement waterproofing business or adding crack repair as a service to your existing business? Maybe you are a homeowner needing to waterproof an extensive amount of basement wall cracks yourself. If so, our RadonSeal PRO Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Kits are the proper repair materials for plugging voids, sealing water leaks, and blocking radon and soil gases through cracks and openings in poured concrete basement walls.

For over 25 years, these original low-pressure PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kits have been the choice for building and basement waterproofing contractors for long-lasting repairs of settling cracks in poured concrete basement walls.

The kits ship complete! No additional tools required. They include all materials needed to repair and waterproof 30 to 60′ feet of cracks in poured concrete foundation walls. Each PRO kit includes; a pressure-assist dual-caulking gun and quick-curing surface adhesive to make the job quicker!

The RadonSeal PRO Basement Wall Crack Repair Kits feature the most advanced dual-component polymers in the industry. Choose between injecting low-viscosity epoxy or urethane into the crack.

Waterproofing Cracks in Basement Walls Made Easy

Our complete professional toolkits make crack repair practically foolproof. There are no special skills or certifications required to make easy and permanent repairs to foundation wall cracks. These PRO Crack Repair Kits include a fast-setting epoxy adhesive that reduces the waiting time before injecting the polyurethane, making them ideal for contractors visiting a job site. 


  • No measuring or estimation is required. The PRO dual-cartridge caulking gun ensures automatic, precise mixing (1:1) of the two-component urethane.
  • The dual-caulking gun provides a controllable low-pressure force of 20 to 40 psi to inject the polymer. A special spring provides the continuous force that helps avoid the lag of common caulking guns bought in box stores.
  • Unlike older air or power-operated dispensing tools, the manual dispenser is much lighter, easy to handle, and requires no maintenance.
  • The urethane cartridges are reusable. After the injection is complete, reseal the cartridges to avoid wasting resins. 
  • Little cleanup. All accessories are disposable. No solvents are needed to clean the hoses and equipment.

Polyurethane Injection Crack Repair Kits

Expect fewer callbacks! For contractors, expandable polyurethane foam is a popular method for repairing water leaks through basement wall cracks. Our proprietary, two-component liquid urethane, seeps into settling cracks and expands 20x its volume, curing as a hydrophobic foam. The expanded foam will fill the depth and length of settling cracks in poured concrete walls up to 20″ thick.

Polyurethane foam adheres tenaciously to dry and wet concrete surfaces and will last a lifetime. Its low viscosity (100 cps) and forceful expansion on contact with water make it suitable for waterproofing hairlines and wider cracks (1/2″). Besides a forgiving application, the main advantage of polyurethane foam is that it remains flexible. The flexibility of polyurethane allows for the natural movement of the foundation wall and expansion/contraction of the concrete (new homes that have not been fully settled).

PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Urethane


Easy-Peel PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Urethane


Epoxy Injection Crack Repair Kits

Repairing basement wall cracks with epoxy injection is another popular choice, especially when the structural strength of the crack is required. There are more advantages to using polyurethane over epoxy, but when the job calls for the epoxy to be used, the injection process is similar.

When to use epoxy? Epoxy is a good choice for waterproofing and bonding horizontal cracks or when the concrete inside the crack is crumbling (e.g., commonly around a window well). Epoxy is a popular choice for pool contractors who make repairs in concrete and gunite pools.

PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy


Easy-Peel PRO Foundation Crack Repair Kit | Epoxy


When to Use the Easy-Peel Adhesive Kits

Use the Easy-Peel adhesive when the appearance of the wall matters. The Easy-Peel Pro Crack Injection Kit uses a flexible polyurea surface adhesive instead of hard epoxy. After the injected polymer cures internally, the surface adhesive can be removed by pulling it off the wall, leaving a clean, bare concrete surface. The standard epoxy surface adhesive leaves a layer of epoxy, and if needed to be removed, would require the use of a grinder or a chisel. Ideal for repairing hairline cracks in above-grade outdoor walls, poured concrete retaining walls, and concrete floors. Quick application tips:

  • Start spreading the Easy-Peel Sealer over a piece of duct tape fastened just above the end of the crack. Spread the sealer about 3/4″ to 1″ on each side of the foundation crack.
  • Before injecting the polymer, let the surface adhesive cure (1 hour). 
  • After the injection process is complete, start pulling off the duct tape, peeling away the surface adhesive together with injection ports, all in one piece.

If you are a contractor, ask for the professional kit for contractors which includes a fast-setting Epoxy Surface Sealer to reduce the waiting time before injection down to 15 to 20 minutes.

Starting a Foundation Crack Repair Business

The business potential is tremendous, as practically all poured concrete basement walls will experience cracking. If the cracks have not yet leaked, groundwater will gradually find its way through. All our toolkits include detailed instructions on repairing concrete cracks. We also support the product with step-by-step video tutorials that can be found on YouTube. Contractors also receive free technical consultations by phone or email and a wide variety of top-quality materials and accessories.

You can learn on the job and master it after a few projects. Homeowners, who have often tried to fix the crack with caulk or hydraulic cement, will be impressed by your professionalism and the great result.

Do you want to start a new business? The start-up is very easy. Only a very modest initial investment is required by purchasing a PRO toolkit. There are no franchise or other fees.

Do you want to expand your contracting business? If you are involved in basement waterproofing, finishing basements, radon mitigation, or home repairs, this will nicely expand your scope of services and revenues.

Would you like to earn extra income as a side hustle? You can do concrete crack repairs in the evenings or on weekends.

There is no reason to procrastinate. Thanks to our complete ready-to-go toolkit, video tutorials, and technical support, you can be in business in a couple of weeks!