Professional Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Kits

Complete Crack Repair Kits for Waterproofing Contractors

professional concrete crack repair kit
30 ft. toolkit - click to enlarge!

Our "ready-to-go" Pro Crack Repair Toolkits iinclude everything needed to repair approximately 30 to 60 linear feet of cracks in poured concrete foundations. The full pro kit includes a professional, dual-cartridge, low-pressure injection gun which makes the job much easier.

The RadonSeal® PRO Injection Toolkit feature the most advanced dual-component polymers in the industry for both the epoxy surface sealers and the injection polymers. No drilling is required - the injection ports are glued right on top of the crack. The kits are also suitable for do-it-yourself application by homeowners. Use for repairing cracks in:

  • Commercial buildings, industrial structures, dams, bridges, tunnels.
  • Extensive cracking in poured concrete foundations, outdoor concrete walls.

No Drilling Required

professional concrete repair kit
60 ft. toolkit - click to enlarge!

The basic toolkit uses expandable polyurethane foam because it adheres tenaciously to dry and wet surfaces, it is suitable for both dry or wet cracks. It's low-viscosity (100 cps) and forceful expansion on contact with water make it suitable for waterproofing both hairline or wide cracks. Besides a forgiving application, the main advantage of polyurethane foam is that it remains flexible allowing for the natural movement of concrete. If structural strength is definitely required, use our Epoxy Injection Toolkit, which includes dual-tube cartridges of epoxy for injection.

Contents of the toolkits (in PDF): Foundation Crack Repair Kit - 30 ft. or FoundationCrack Repair Kit - 60 ft.

Replacement materials and accessories (Consumable Kits) are available, as well as special surface sealers and injection polymers needed by contractors.

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RadonSeal® Professional Crack Injection Toolkits
Product Price Shipping  
PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 30 ft. - Urethane $364 $20 Order Now button
   PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 60 ft. - Urethane $639 $30
Easy-Peel PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 30 ft. - Urethane $402 $20 Order Now button
   Easy-Peel PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 60 ft. - Urethane $699 $30
PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 30 ft. - Epoxy $497 $20 Order Now button
   PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 60 ft. - Epoxy $859 $30
Easy-Peel PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 30 ft. - Epoxy $526 $20 Order Now button
   Easy-Peel PRO Crack Injection Toolkit 60 ft. - Epoxy $919 $30


Consumables Kits Price Shipping  
Consumables Kit 30 ft. - Urethane $314 $20 Order Now button
   Consumables Kit 60 ft. - Urethane $589 $30
Easy-Peel Consumables Kit 30 ft. - Urethane $352 $20 Order Now button
   Easy-Peel Consumables Kit 60 ft. - Urethane $649 $30
Consumables Kit 30 ft. - Epoxy $447 $20 Order Now button
   Consumables Kit 60 ft. - Epoxy $809 $30


Professional Crack Injection Made Quick and Easy

Our complete professional toolkit makes crack repair practically foolproof.

  • There is no need to measure or guess. The dual-cartridge gun ensures automatic precise mixing (1:1) of the components.
  • The professional injection gun provides a controllable low-pressure force of 20 to 40 psi to the injection polymer. A special spring provides a continuous force which avoids the lag of common caulking guns.
  • Unlike older air- or power-operated dispensing tools, the manual dispenser is much lighter, easy to handle, and requires no maintenance.
  • After the injection is complete, simply re-seal the cartridges – there is no waste of resins.
  • There is virtually no cleanup. All accessories are disposable and no solvents are needed to clean hoses or equipment.

If you are a contractor, ask for the professional kit for contractors which includes a fast-setting Epoxy Surface Sealer to reduce the waiting time before injection down to 15 to 20 minutes - see the Epoxy Sealer Application Procedure.

For the complete D-I-Y Repair Guide, Product Data Sheet, and MSDS, check out check out the Injection Repair Guide

When to Use Easy-Peel Kits

Use it when appearance counts. The Easy-Peel Pro Crack Injection Kit uses the Easy-Peel polyurea surface sealer instead of epoxy. After the injected polymer cures, the surface sealer can be pulled off leaving clean, bare concrete. The standard epoxy surface sealer leaves a layer of epoxy, which would have to be removed with a grinder or a chisel. Ideal for repairing hairline cracks in concrete floors or cracks in concrete walls that will remain visible. Quick application tips:

  • Start spreading the Easy-Peel Sealer over a piece of duct tape fastened just above the end of the crack. Spread the sealer about 3/4" to 1" on each side of the crack.
  • Before injecting, let the surface sealer cure fingernail hard (about 1 hour for Easy-Peel). Allow the injected polymer to cure.
  • Starting with the duct tape, peel off the surface sealer together with injection ports all in one piece.

Starting a Foundation Crack Repair Business

The business potential is tremendous as practically all basements have some cracks. If they do not yet leak, groundwater will gradually work its way through. The toolkit includes a CD with complete instructions on repairing concrete cracks. Contractors also receive free technical consultations by phone or e-mail, and a large choice of top-quality materials and accessories.

You can learn on-the-job and master it after several projects. Homeowners, who have often tried to fix the crack with caulk or hydraulic cement, will be impressed by your professionalism and the great result.

Do you want to start a new business?
The start-up is very easy. Only a very modest initial investment is required – in your ready-to-go toolkit. There are no franchise or other fees.
Do you want to expand your contracting business?
If you are involved in basement waterproofing, finishing basements, radon mitigation, or home repairs, this will nicely expand your scope of services and revenues.
Would you like to earn extra income?
You can do concrete crack repairs in the evenings or on weekends.

There is no reason to procrastinate. Thanks to our complete ready-to-go toolkit, instructional CD, and technical support, you can be in business in a couple of weeks!

RadonSeal® Professional Toolkit Contents
Dual-tube cartridge manual dispenser tool CD Crack Repair Instruction video
dual-tube cartridges of Epoxy Surface Sealer MSDS's/PD's/How to Use dispenser tool
dual-tube cartridges of Polyurethane Injection Foam safety glasses
component mixer nozzles rubber gloves
retaining nuts wire brush and plastic trowel
hose assemblies syringe for fast blow-hole repair
surface ports and caps tool box