BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak

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BioZap All-Natural Laundry Pre-Soak

Modern detergents do a great job in loosening and removing dirt and stains from the surface of fabrics. But it is much harder for them to remove stains and odor molecules that cling to the fine fibers deep inside a fabric.

Do your children play sports like football, hockey, soccer? After washing the laundry, the pungent sweat odor will still linger. And if you forget your laundry inside the washing machine, it will develop a nasty sour smell because all the hidden organic dirt will start fermenting.

Typical laundering problems:

  • Mildew stains because their roots are intertwined in the fabric.
  • Organic stains from blood, grass or pets which are ground into the fabric.
  • Pungent odors from perspiration, pets, vomit or smoke.
  • Sour smelling towels or laundry left in the washing machine.
  • Bugs like head lice, bed bugs, and dust mites.

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak uses Australian Tea Tree Oil to clean and break down mildew and organic stains, organic contaminants, and odor molecules hidden inside the fabric. It contains no chlorine, bleach, or harsh chemicals.

Allow BioZap Pre-Soak to soak into your clothes before running your laundry cycle. Use for towels, stored clothing, athletic gear, sneakers, underwear, smoke-damaged clothing. It will make your laundry naturally clean and odor-free!

BioZap Laundry Pre-Soak normally removes stains and odors after one wash cycle. It is color-safe for washable fabrics. It is environment- and user-friendly. Biodegradable. An all-natural organic product. Nature's alternative to bleach!

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Packaged in 1/2-gallon and 1-gallon jugs.

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