Hi & Dry Battery Backup Sump Pumps

What Makes the Hi & Dry™ Backup Sump Pumps so Unique?

Backup sump pump protects your furnace, hot water heater, or finished basement against flooding. They come on automatically whenever there is a power failure or the main pump fails or is just overwhelmed. The backup sump pumps sold in stores are made as cheaply as possible because they have to run only infrequently. However, we believe that backup sump pumps should be practically 100% reliable because it is your last line of defense! If it fails, it will cost you thousands of dollars. Your home insurance does not cover flooding.

Battery Backup Sump Pump by RadonSeal

  1. OUT-OF-THE-WATER – The only back-up sump pump placed high and dry above the dirty sump water. No clogging, mineral deposits, or corrosion for superior reliability and longevity.
  2. RH1400 backup sump pump in a small sump pit
    RH1400 in a small 5-gal. pail pit
    FITS INSIDE SMALL PITS – Ideal for smaller sump pits common in today's homes, which are just too small for two pumps and two floats. (If the floats get stuck or entangled, it will flood your basement.)
  3. LONG SERVICE LIFE – You would have to buy several store-sold backup pumps every three years to outlast a Hi & Dry pump. A must if you have a water softener – it dumps brine and salt water into the pit, which causes corrosion and premature failure of any submerged pump.
  4. LONG WARRANTY – Heavy-duty pump, float, and auxiliaries. Double the industry standard warranty period.
  5. COMPLETE D-I-Y KIT – Not just a pump but a complete Installation Kit (except for battery). All connections, hoses, and alarm included.
  6. THE BEST DEAL ON BATTERY - No need buy an over-priced proprietary battery – find your best deal and save big!
  7. EASY INSTALLATION – A handy homeowner can install the pump within an hour!

Order Today!

Hi & Dry™ Battery Backup Sump Pumps are not sold in stores but delivered directly from the factory to your door. Orders received by 1 PM ET are normally shipped the same day and delivered by courier (via UPS) within 2 to 5 workdays within the lower 48 states. Shipped as Complete Sump Pump Installation Kits with all accessories (except for battery) and a water alarm.

Hi & Dry Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pumps
Item Price Shipping  
Outside-the-Pit Pump RH1400 $389 $20 Order Now button
Bracket-Mounted Pump DH900 $229 $15 Order Now button
Extra Battery Case with cables (optional) $31 $9 Order Now button

Based on shipping by courier to the lower 48 states. For expedited shipping or shipping to other states and Canada, please inquire first by telephone or e-mail. Regarding shipping, returns and other terms, please review our Commercial Terms.

30-DAY MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If not completely satisfied, you can return the pump for a full refund of the price, excluding shipping costs, within 30 days of shipment. You must phone first for shipping instructions. When shipping the pump back (at your cost), we suggest you also purchase a shipping insurance.

TWO-YEAR WARRANTY – We warrant the pumps against all defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of shipment. You must phone first for shipping instructions. When shipping the pump back (at your cost), we suggest you also purchase a shipping insurance. At our option, we will replace or recondition the product and ship it back at no charge to the you.

RH1400 – The "Outside-The-Pit" Pump Design

battery-powered pump layoutInstallation Instructions RH1400

The Hi & Dry™ RH1400 backup sump pump sits on the floor outside the sump. Only its suction pipe and vertical float are inserted into the pit. (The footprint is only about 5".) Its slim-line vertical float switch prevents the entanglement of floats.

The suction pipe reaches almost to the bottom of the sump pit, so that it can completely empty the pit. Other back-up sump pumps can lower the water level only a couple inches which requires frequent start-ups that shorten the pump's life. The suction pipe has a screen and check valve, which is submerged and holds water to keep the pump primed.

A flexible discharge pipe (1") is connected to the main discharge through a T-connector (included).

DH900 – The Bracket-Mounted Pump Design

battery-powered back-up sump pump layoutInstallation Instructions DH900

This backup sump pump is sufficient for most homes with lower or average sump pump flows. The DH900 pump also features an ingenious design for maximum reliability and long service life. The backup pump sits on a stainless steel L-bracket inside the pit but above the normal high-water level. The pump has a small footprint inside the pit – only about 8". Ideal for narrow but taller sump pits. The DH900 discharge hose can be connected to the main pump discharge or it can have its own separate discharge to the outdoors.

Of all the backup sump pumps on the market, this is the easiest pump to install. You may be done in half an hour!

The Complete Pump Installation Kit

battery-powered pump kit RH-1400 battery-powered pump kit RH-1400
RH1400 kit DH900 kit

All accessories for a typical installation, except for the battery, are included. Each pump kit includes:

  • Powerful pump and motor
  • High-impact plastic battery case with cables
  • Finish battery charger with battery status lights
  • PVC suction pipe (1-1/4") with one-way foot valve and stainless steel screen for RH1400
  • Vertical float switch for RH1400 or tethered float for DH900 with a clamp
  • T–connector for insertion into the main discharge pipe with adaptors and a check valve for DH900
  • Flexible discharge hose (1") and clamps
  • PVC fittings for a typical installation, all stainless steel hardware
  • Integrated buzzer alarm to let you know that the primary pump is not working
  • Illustrated installation and maintenance instructions.

Hi & Dry Pump Can Save You Thousands!

Most people discover they need a backup sump pump or that there is such a thing when it's too late. Their basement has already flooded due to a power outage or sump pump failure. They have found out that home insurance does not cover the flood damage to their finished basement, furnace, and HW heater (say $40,000). Nor does it cover mold remediation (say $12,000). Having learned the hard way, they pick up a back-up pump in a big box store but nobody warns them that:

  • This backup pump is even less reliable than the not-so-reliable primary pump it is supposed to back up.
  • The "toy" float switch limits the pump to 2 inches in each cycle.
  • It may interfere with the primary pump float and actually cause basement flooding.
  • It has a short useful life and needs replacing after 2–4 years.

Comparison with Other Backup Sump Pumps

There are good reasons why other backup sump pumps are guaranteed for only ONE YEAR!

battery sump pump photo
RH1400 Click to enlarge

DON'T BE MISLED BY CLAIMS – Most backup sump pumps sold in stores have a low pumping capacity – typically 700 gph at 10' lift. (do not be misled by claims of 1,500 gph at 1' lift!) and most are installed right above the primary pump, attached to a T-connector on the discharge pipe. The pump has to be cocked to avoid air lock. The main check valve sits right on the discharge from the primary pump, below the T-connector. The check valve is exposed to strong turbulence and constant pressure fluctuations. Such a stressed main check valve will break or develop a hole. Once the main check valve fails, all the water pumped by the backup sump pump will flow down through the primary pump into the pit. The basement will flood!

POOR SECONDARY CHECK VALVE – Their secondary check valve is just a thimble-like rubber flapper between the backup pump discharge and the T-connector, where it is exposed to strong turbulence. A failure of this cheap check valve will allow water pumped from the primary pump to flow through the backup pump back down into the pit. The basement will flood.

NON-ADJUSTABLE – Their pump elevation is not adjustable. It cannot start pumping until the water level almost reaches the underside of the concrete slab and fills drainage tiles. If the sump pit is shallow, water will wick through the concrete.

WEAK FLOATS – Cheap floats are the "weak link" of many pumps. If the float breaks, the pump does not work and the basement floods. The pumps also do not have a true float switch for turning the pump on and off. The tiny "toy" float switch just turns the pump on. Then, the pump runs for a pre-set interval (10 to 20 seconds), whether there is water or not. This wastes power and shortens the battery life.

EXTRA PARTS NEEDED ($$) – You have to buy separately auxiliaries like an alarm and they often insist that you buy their proprietary battery at an inflated price.

Top of the Class Pumping Power

The Hi & Dry emergency sump pumps are powered by a heavy-duty, high-efficiency DC motor (submersible). The RH1400 pump has a much higher pumping capacity than the backup sump pumps sold in stores – typically, by 50 to 100%. Some manufacturers state their pump capacity at a 1-ft. lift, which is meaningless. The lift ("head") is the vertical distance from the bottom of the suction pipe to the highest point of the main discharge pipe. The higher the lift, the lower the pumping rate – but it does not drop off dramatically until about a 15-ft. lift.

PUMPING RATES AND LIFT (gallons per hour)
 Model RH1400
(outside the pit)
(bracket mounted)
5-ft. lift 1,800 gph 1,300 gph
9-ft. lift 1,400 gph 900 gph

Emergency backup sump pumps are supposed to operate only rarely and have a lower pumping rate than primary pumps. There is no need to match the capacity of the primary pump. The backup pump may take twice as long to pump out the sump (say 18 seconds instead of 9) in each cycle but it does not matter. It has to wait until the sump fills up again. The main criterion is reliability, not raw power!

Example: The RH1400 with its vertical float switch set at an 8" swing, emptying a typical 18" tapered basin, pumps out over 8 gallons in each cycle. If it cycles every minute under severe conditions, it is pumping out about (60 x 8=) 480 gallons per hour which takes it about (8 gal / 1,400 x 3,600=) 20.5 seconds. A much larger primary pump would pump out the pit much faster in each cycle but it will still move the same volume of water every hour – the water inflow into the sump. Nonetheless, if you would want a top-capacity backup, the solution is our FloodWatch Backup Sump Pump.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

The high-efficiency motor and a true shut-off float switch minimize the power drain on the battery. And if you want to double the pumping time of the backup, you can purchase an extra battery case with a set of interconnecting cables for a dual-battery set-up. For technical information on both battery backup pumps, please review Backup Sump Pump Specifications.

Intervals with 1 battery with 2 batteries
"continuous" (1-min) 12 hrs 24 hrs
5-min 48 hrs (2 days) 96 hrs (4 days)
15-min 96 hrs (4 days)
192 hrs (8 days)

For both RH1400 and DH900. Based on fully charged batteries disconnected from power supply.

Battery Choices

Avoid Batteries! Use Water.
Check out the most reliable backup sump pumps!
Hi & Dry Water-Powered Backup Pumps

No need to pay for an over-priced proprietary battery and shipping! You are free to find the best deal in a local store or online (usually $65 to $100). Nationwide retailers: Sears, Walmart, West Marine, Advance Auto Parts, Iterstate Batteries, AutoZone, Car Quest, MK Battery, Pepboys, Optima Batteries.

You need a 12 Volt Marine Deep Cycle Battery– sealed lead acid, AGM, or gel type, size 27. Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates than starting (cranking) batteries to allow repeated discharging without warping. The common "maintenance-free" sealed lead acid battery will do the job. There is no real need to pay twice as much for a gel cell or absorbed glass mat battery. The finish charger (included) is suitable for all these battery types.

Typical specifications: 12 Volts DC, 95 Amp-Hour, 600 CCA. Size 27 or up to 31 but not exceeding 13.5” long x 7” wide x 10” high. Stud post ¼” or 3/8”.

Why Hi & Dry Pump Accessories Matter?

In real life, the performance and reliability of sump pumps depends greatly on their accessories.


The high water level in the sump pit should not reach the drainage tiles. Filling the tiles and gravel bed underneath the floor slab greatly extends each pumping cycle and soaks the concrete slab in water. Hi & Dry pumps feature a heavy-duty true on/off float switch that shuts off the power after emptying the pit.

The vertical low-profile float of RH1400 can be clamped at any height on the discharge pipe and the float travel is also widely adjustable (up to 9 inches). If the water level in the sump rises too high, the float reaches a switch at the top of the float rod and activates the backup pump. The pump will shut off when the float fully drops to the normal down position – the bottom stopper (the Off switch). The placement of both switches is easily adjustable up or down. The bracket of the DH900 pump and the elevation of the pump within the pit are widely adjustable. The DH900 tethered float can be clamped at any suitable height inside the pit.

The Top Dog of Pumps
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FloodWatch 3000 Backup Pumps


One Amp-hour float/maintainer charger with status lights and rings terminals. This automatic finish charger keeps the battery fully charged without over-charging and unlike a trickle charger, also maintains a steady voltage. It prevents the water in the battery from boiling out due to over-charging. The battery status lights keep you informed on the charging status and condition of the battery.

Compatible with any Marine deep cycle battery. Capable of charging two batteries if necessary. You will need to have a nearby GFCI (ground fault protected) outlet for the charger.

This is a "finish charger" which monitors the battery much more closely than other chargers and does not allow its charge to drop very far before it kicks in. Some other chargers appear more powerful because they are rated at, say, 10 AMPS but in reality, they do not do the kind of job that our charger does. Many of them allow the battery to decay by more than 50% before they turn on. If your pump needs to run during that "low power" time, it won't run very long.


Loud audible alarm on the battery box, which is separately activated by the float, lets you know that the backup pump is operating and there may be something wrong with the power supply or the primary pump. Other pumps do not include an alarm. Once people figure out they need it, they have to buy it separately (value $30.00).

Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation

battery-powered pump kit RH-1400 battery-powered pump kit DH-900
RH1400 DH900

Each model connects to the primary sump pump discharge pipe 2-3 feet above the floor. This means the pump is a breeze to install, usually without removing the primary pump. Except in rare cases, all your connections are made above the floor, not down inside the sump.

Make sure there is a good-quality, fully functioning main check valve well above the primary pump but below the backup discharge T- connection.

Tools and supplies needed – a PVC cutting tool or hand saw, PVC primer/cleaner and cement for RH1400, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, utility knife, tape measure, and large adjustable pliers. The pump installation is a breeze! Main steps:

  1. Place pump in position on the floor or on the bracket
  2. Install the T–connector on the main discharge pipe and connect to pump with a flexible discharge hose
  3. Install suction pipe (only for the RH1400)
  4. Mount float switch and alarm
  5. Install battery and plug in.

If there is a sump pump cover, cut out a hole for the RH1400 suction pipe or the discharge hose of the DH900.

The PVC suction piping for RH1400 includes a 2-ft. section for insertion into the pit, an elbow, and a 1-ft. section for the horizontal distance from the pit. The end of the suction pipe should remain submerged when the primary pumps empties the pit.The piping can be cut as needed or substituted with longer piping, providing the suction height does not exceed 4 ft.