Backup Sump Pumps

Don’t fret about your sump pump and your basement flooding when the power goes out — install the Hi & Dry™ Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump!

If there is a power outage during a heavy storm or the primary sump pump fails or is overwhelmed by the inflow of water, the Hi & Dry™ Backup Pump will take over and run infinitely. There is no battery to charge or maintain and no worries whether the battery will last several days.

Water-powered pumps do not depend on electricity or batteries. They use the pressure of municipal water to create a strong vacuum that draws water from the sump pit.

The Hi & Dry™ design is very unique — there are no similar pumps in stores! It hangs “high and dry” on rafters above the sump pit. It draws water from the sump through a suction pipe and pushes it out through a discharge pipe. This unique ceiling-mounted design has inherent advantages:

  • The highest pumping rates (by far) in the industry.
  • Sump cover — you can seal the sump against radon gas, vapor, and for children’s safety.
  • Fits today’s small pits (below 18" diameter, even down to 10").

The Hi & Dry™ design is truly simple and elegant. It is not submerged in the sump water. There are no rotating parts to fail. Zero maintenance. This delivers:
The highest reliability in the industry — backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
The longest service life — estimated 25 years or longer.

Complete installation kit for do-it-yourself installation by homeowners or plumbers. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

For more information visit our Hi & Dry™ Water-Powered Sump Pump product page.