LastiSeal Penetrating Brick and Masonry Sealer

Long-Lasting Protection for Brick, Porous Masonry, and Concrete

LastiSeal® Brick & Masonry Sealer is a unique, state-of-the-art, waterproofing sealer for bricks, concrete, mortar, stones, and porous building materials. Backed by a 15-Year Waterproofing Warranty this waterborne, polyester-polymer and polyurethane sealer penetrates deep inside (up to 4") brick, mortar, grout, concrete, and masonry. LastiSeal internally fills the pores, bonds the substrate, and cures rock hard making the seal practically permanent!

All-Purpose sealer for brick, concrete, and masonry

If dusting, flaking, or cracking are concerns LastiSeal® will strengthen and harden the surface thus preserving the life of your masonry. Once the seal has cured, the surface of the substrate will become noticeably harder (hammering a nail will prove to be much more difficult). LastiSeal® will also shed surface water and spills while still allowing the substrate to breathe and dry quickly (important).

Polyester is considered the "poor man's epoxy" so think of applying LastiSeal like injecting a hard epoxy into the microscopic capillaries of your bricks, concrete, or masonry. LastiSeal is completely slip-resistant so it can be used for sealing horizontal surfaces like walkways, pool-decks, patio pavers, and commercial flooring.

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Eco-Friendly Sealer, UV Resistant, and Vapor Permeable

Eco Friendly – LastiSeal® Brick & Masonry Sealer is a non-toxic, nonflammable, and non-hazardous. No odor. Ultra-low VOCs. Not harmful to plants, grass, or aquatic life. Safe for use indoors and out

paver sealed with LastiSeal
Sealing porous pavers
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Unsurpassed Service Life – Unlike paints or surface sealers, LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer is vapor permeable and does not form a surface film (coating) but internally seals and waterproofs the substrate. Water-repellent sealers sold in stores offer attractive water repellency but most are impermeable and will trap moisture. Major hardware store "sealers" normally need to be reapplied every year and in the long run, will cost you much more than using LastiSeal.

UV Resistant – Paints, coatings, and surface sealants are susceptible to flaking, peeling, cracking, or simply wearing away due to UV-rays, water or vapor pressure, saponification (reaction with lime from the concrete), efflorescence, and traffic. Eventually, you will need to remove the old paint (or it will start peeling even faster) and repaint the surface. Because LastiSeal penetrates deep into your brick it is not affected by ultraviolet rays.

Use LastiSeal for the protection against:

  • WIND-DRIVEN RAIN – Waterproofs brick chimneys, walls, facades against rain and surface water.
  • NEGATIVE SIDE WATER PRESSURE – Prevents the transmission of water seepage through masonry.
  • FREEZE-THAW – Protects brick, concrete and masonry against freeze-thaw damage and road salts.
  • SPALLING – Hardens concrete and brick protecting it from pitting, spalling, dusting and crumbling.
  • SPILLS – Resists spills, motor oil, grease, and chemical spills.
  • MOLD, ALGAE - Reduces the growth of mold, mildew and algae. Makes for easier cleaning.
  • HUMIDITY – Reduces water vapor transmission and indoor humidity.
  • EFFLORESCENCE – Reduces unsightly efflorescence.

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Choose Between a Flat or Satin Finish – There are two finishes of LastiSeal to choose from, flat (matte) and satin. LastiSeal FLAT is most commonly used because it disappears inside porous brick and masonry without changing the appearance or profile of the substrate.

LastiSeal SATIN is enriched with acrylics leaving an attractive low-gloss finish to the surface. Particularly suitable for indoor brick and masonry walls, patio pavers, brick walkways, porous stamped concrete and colored concrete. Also, the satin finish will slightly enhance the appearance of old brick, concrete and masonry but like all acrylic sealers it may reduce friction of the surface.

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LastiSeal® Brick & Masonry Sealer (FLAT)
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LastiSeal® Brick & Masonry Sealer (SATIN)
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All-Purpose Brick and Masonry SealerCoverage

The amount of coverage depends greatly on the porosity and composition of the substrate. Older brick (like Chicago brick), concrete, and masonry (+20 years) will require 2 applications for a proper waterproofing seal. Additional applications can be made next day or later.

  • BRICKS – 1 application will cover 150-225 sq. ft. (per gal.)
  • INDOOR POURED CONCRETE – 1 application will cover 200-225 sq. ft. (per gal.)
  • OUTDOOR POURED CONCRETE – 1 application will cover 150-200 sq. ft. (per gal.)
  • CONCRETE BLOCKS & POROUS MASONRY – 1 application will cover 100-150 sq. ft. (per gal.)
  • GROUT– 1 application will cover 16 sq. ft. (per 8-oz.)
  • SECOND APPLICATION – 250-300 sq. ft. (per gal.)

Application & Surface Prep

Apply LastiSeal Brick Sealer using either a hand-pump garden sprayer or a paint roller (3/4" nap). Spray or roll a continuous saturating film on the surface (back-roll any puddles). A second coat can be applied 24 hours or later. Ready for foot traffic in several hours and for vehicles in 3 days.

Conditions – The brick, concrete, and masonry needs to be dry to apply. Let the substrate dry for 2 days after a heavy rainfall. Avoid heavy rains for 24 hours after the application. The surface and ambient air must be above 45 °F but not hot in direct sunlight during the application. In case of LastiSeal Satin, the surface temperature must remain above 45 °F for at least 24 hours.

Surface Preparation – Remove old paint, adhesives, oil stains, grease, and efflorescence. Vacuum excessive dust or dirt. Let new concrete cure for at least 4 weeks. Mask glass, metals, and plants and finished surfaces against over-spray.How to Safely Remove Efflorescence.

All-Purpose Sealer for Tiles, Pavers, Stone, Grout, Mortar, Even Wood!

LastiSeal is most commonly used for sealing brick walls, foundations, chimneys, and fireplaces (again, safe for use on indoors) but it can is also used for sealing pavers, stones, tiles, and porous masonry. The rule of thumb is, as long as the substrate is porous than LastiSeal can be used. You can use it even for sealing wood! Use LastiSeal for sealing and waterproofing:

  • Chimney SealerBRICK CHIMNEYS

Maintenance Free – LastiSeal will help block the penetration of dirt, grease, oil, stains, spills, and outdoor elements making cleaning and maintenance of your brick and masonry much easier (especially for patios and pool decks).

Improves Adhesion – By reducing water absorption and vapor transmission LastiSeal will improve adhesion and life of paints (except latex), adhesives and coatings.

  • BRICKS - Paving, clay, face brick, brick veneer, used brick, old Chicago brick.
  • CONCRETE - Poured, colored, exposed aggregate, acid stained concrete, textured, shotcrete, gunite.
  • CONCRETE BLOCKS - CMU, dry stack, split face block, paver block, slump block, cinder blocks.
  • TILES – Mexican tiles, paver tiles, adobe tiles.
  • STONES – Porous natural or man-made stone, limestone, sandstone.
  • GROUT – Mortar, stucco, plaster.
  • WOOD – Cedar, redwood, cypress, pressure treated.

Comparison With Other Brick Sealers

Water-repellent sealers sold in stores have to be reapplied every year and in the long run, will cost you much more than LastiSeal.

Not Dependent On Cement Content – Unlike RadonSeal® Concrete Sealer (our #1 sealer for concrete), LastiSeal does not depend on a chemical reaction with the substrate. It just fills the pores and hardens. This allows it to seal internally colored concretes and fibercrete. However, RadonSeal is the best sealer for standard-quality poured concrete or blocks because of its deeper and tighter seal and is also guaranteed to seal against radon gas. And RadonSeal is ideal for use inside ponds, pools, and reservoirs.

Leaves the Surface Paintable – LastiSeal will leave the surface paintable except for latex paints or silicone. Since the pores are filled, stucco, thinset, mortar, or patching compounds do not adhere well.